[CLOSED] Toy Planet – Testers Application

Hello Robloxians, my name is Ocula. I’ll keep this short and sweet: I am currently working on a project titled “Toy Planet” and we’re looking for testers. We’re aiming to get upwards of about 20 well-versed testers. It should be known that testing is completely voluntary, but we will reward you in-game for your efforts. We are looking for dedicated testers with a wide range of availability throughout the week. I will be asking you for feedback on game concepts as well as utilizing your assistance in finding bugs.

Game Overview
In a wacky, fantasy/steampunk world, the player’s objective is to craft and create toys using materials and objects they find around the (massive) map. There’s roleplay elements to the game as well as some really interesting crafting mechanics. The player can take their crafted toys home and bring them to life. When alive, toys make you money, so your job is to also keep them that way. Bigger and better toys = more money, or specific upgrades. Some vehicle toys can turn into drive-able cars. Others can boost your speed, help you find special materials, etc.

If you’re interested, please fill out the following Google Form: https://tinyurl.com/y99asje7

I look forward to meeting you! :slight_smile:


It would be nice to know what the game is about. Currently all I know is the name, so maybe add info on that.


Thanks for your response. Updated the post.

Ooh that sounds interesting. Already applied!

Applied. Hopefully I get to help test the game!


Sorry 30 characters :stuck_out_tongue:

About how often will you be asking testers to come help with the game? The game sounds SO cool and I’d love to help test it, but it’s not something I can do every single day.

here’s an idea!
make a toy arena!
send out toys to fight rival toy companies!
every time they distroy a rival toy, the owner gets +10 cash!
what do you think?

I’d love to do this! I filled out the form (my main is Asquenn, I use this account for DevForum).

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I’ve applied! Hopefully I get accepted! :smiley:

Applied, Hoping to become a tester here. :grin:

I would apply but do not trust going to offsite links (Malware?) from people I do not know.
I can script and build very well, but I know that is not what you’re looking for with this post.
Have been looking for a good dev team for a long time, all of the ones I’ve tried seem like a joke…
If I can still help you in some way I would be glad to ( just offsite links aren’t for me :smiley: )
Discord: Gamepop#2759
Roblox: 4EHE

Its literally a google website, what do you mean malware?


Applications are now closed! Thanks to everyone who applied :slight_smile:.

How and when will be accepted testers be announced?

They were already announced in the discord server.

Sorry, what Discord server? I wasn’t asked to join any server.

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