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Commissions are CLOSED!

About me
Hi there, my name is TraxInfo, or Trax for short. I’ve done GFX stuff for a year or two, but I’ve been actively doing more Roblox renders in late 2019. I like to imagine scenarios with my Roblox avatars, and doing this is exciting and pretty fun!

I’ve done a lot of personal work so far, some of them being based on a few Roblox games that I enjoyed.

The “UGC Showcase” section is a small series of renders showcasing a creator’s items, whether it be a set or an assortment of accessories that they’ve made. It was an idea I had in 2/2/2020 to practice posing Roblox avatars with a theme/genre that I haven’t really done a lot back then.

Renders (Blender)

Official. For Break In (Story) by Cracky4

Renders (SFM)

Fan-made. Based on the game Legend’s Arena III: Sage of War by HylianLegend

Fan-made. Based on the game Break In (Story) by Cracky4

Fan-Made. Based on the game Flicker by JJ Studios

Roblox Avatars

UGC Showcase

My Timezone: GMT+8

I check my inbox every weekend, and I am unavailable in weekdays (either busy with gfx, or school).
I’m usually available at 9:00-21:00. It may change depending on the day. It may change to 12:00-21:00 depending on what I do in the weekends.

I can be paid through group funds, or through a t-shirt.
Prices vary depending on complexity


SFM/Blender Pros & Cons

I mainly use SFM, as I have years of experience in it.
As of February 7, 2020, I started using Blender for GFX services for custom assets outside of Roblox gears/accessories.
Note: The only major difference is the assets. I don’t know how to import game assets to SFM as of now.

  • I can only do simple effects such as color correction, or smoke/motion blur. So no cool looking lightning or fire elements here.
  • I don’t do realistic styles. I don’t prefer folded clothes and realistic textures, either.

If you are interested, you can message me first on Roblox first, since I can frequently check for messages there. Further details can be made in Discord. Include your Discord name in the message so I know who to accept there.
Discord: TraxInfo#2100
Roblox: TraxInfo (yeah)

Thank you for reading!


great work, hopefully people order from you!

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I added you on discord! Please do send me a message whenever you add me.



  • New Commission Sheet w/ updated prices.
  • More Showcases, specifically on Renders in Blender.
  • A new look for the small banners, much more colorful

Lastly, I’m now open! It might not last for a while, though.