[CLOSED] Twisted Developers | Looking for a Development Team [4k-8k USD per project]

About The Job

Hello, I am a project manager/game designer for GameFam. I am looking for a development team to produce high-quality games within the time span of 1-2 months. You will be creating various amount of games.

The Team
@Toopex - Project Manager/ Game Designer / Lead Builder
@zZGalaxySolarManZz Lead Scripter
@TNFhacks - Gameplay Scripter
@EhhDmitry - 3D Modeler / Builder

Job Description

Lead Scripter

For the Lead Scripter you are responsible for,

• At least 1-2 years of front end & back end coding.
• Creating clean, organized, and readable code.
• Creating clean UI.
• Communicating with the gameplay scripter closely to produce clean and efficient coding.
• Documenting your work each day.

Gameplay Scripter

For the Gameplay Scripter you are responsible for,

• At least 1-2 years of gameplay coding.
• Creating clean, organized, and readable code.
• Communicating with the lead scripter closely to produce clean and efficient coding.
• Documenting your work each day.

Modeler / Builder

For the Modeler / Builder you are responsible for,

• At least 1 year of 3D modeling & texturing. (You can use whatever program.)
• Keep and organized workspace, using folders and naming parts appropriately.
• Communicating with me on the daily on creating assets & building ideas.
• Documenting your work each day.


GameFam is offering to pay us 4k-8k per project, for our first project they are offering to pay 4k USD. If you have any questions about payment please DM me.

About GameFam
GameFam is a company founded by former professionals of the mobile applications market, where they focused on development, monetization and marketing of mobile apps. They’ve also got experience working for some of the leading gaming companies in the world.

GameFam Group: Gamefam - Roblox
GameFam Website: https://gamefam.com/

Contact Me

If you are interested please dm me on the devforums or add me discord - Kenny#0002 (If you’re adding me on discord please tell me your name and your tag)


Seem interested, I have added you. DevFrags#2441. I will show all work in Discord DM’s.

you are looking for a GUI artist?

Not at the moment, If one is needed I will make a separate post.

Hey there! I am interested in applying for the builder/modeler position. I will leave my portfolio and discord below. Add my discord if interested!
Discord: ItsJustTroothings#6101

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By any chance , are you looking for logo designers or graphic designers?

Are you looking for a logo designer? If you are here StudTemplate (Logo Designer For Hire)

Currently not hiring any graphics designers at the moment, sorry!

I am currently not hiring any graphics designers at the moment, sorry!

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Hi there! I’m extremely interested in the position of Modeler/Builder on your team and have been interested in GameFam for quite a while now. I’m currently seeking a long term position and I believe this could be an amazing opportunity to meet new people and produce some amazing content while still earning a living. I have added you on discord, I would love the opportunity to discuss this with you further and I’m looking forward to hearing from you, Myth#7974

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I’m still looking for more people to apply for “Gameplay Scripter” and “Modeler/Builder”

I’m interested to apply Gameplay Scripter or Lead Scripter. I’ve added you on Discord as zZGalaxySolarManZz#2394

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Added you on Discord for knowing more information.

Santiago, Leguiza#1447

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My Discord is umbrella#8025, sent a request!

Contated you,
varjoy#4366 Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi, I am definitely best person for the job, if you feel the same please contact me on discord so we can talk further. I look forward to hopefully working more with you in the future.

Discord**: Plethoa#9971

Hi there. Interested in the Lead Scripter and/or Gameplay Scripter positions. I’ve gone ahead and added you on Discord: adrien#3983 (186303347614023681)

Hey there! I’m interested in the 3D modeler position! I have added you on discord → cyy#7777

Hey, are you looking for a translator?

I am very interested in this project. I have added you on discord. My discord is Maxen2031#3524 and here is my portfolio: Scripting portfilio [2.5 years of experience] - #10 by maxen2031. I have experienced in OOP which I can show you some samples of in discord