[CLOSED] Tycoon Development — Programmer

Our team

  • Project Manager — @Orex

  • Programmer: @zDomivs

  • Contributor: @Norbunny

Our goal

  • Create an enjoyable simple game that we would enjoy playing ourselves.

  • Create a develpment group/team to work on future projects.

About the project

  • Players spawn in their own island, in which they are able to build their tycoon.

  • Object placement — Players select the object they wish to place through a GUI. Objects of the same type can be combined to increase their benefits.

  • PVP — PVP is disabled by default, however, players are able to engage in combat by attacking other player’s tycoons.

  • Teleportation — Players are able to teleport to the lobby, where boss fights will occasionally happen.

  • Island expansion — players are able to expand their islands.

  • Rebirths — Players will have their islands reset in exchange for rewards (prestige)

Detailed information about the projected can be found in a Google Document, which will be provided upon joining the team.


  • There is already a playable version of this project found here.

  • The gameplay is far from finished — there’s still features left to be created, and bugs to be patched.

Who we are looking for

  • Active and commited members — should be available from Monday to Friday.

  • Willing to work with another programmer.

  • Experience with handling multiple tasks — being able to multitask is an important skill that we look for in our programmers.

  • Good communication skills — inform us regularly about the progress in your tasks!


  • Ability to write re-usable modular code, easy to expand upon in the future

  • Open communication skills:

    • We love to hear about your progress within your tasks

    • Always voice your opinions & concerns — we work together as a whole to provide Roblox with enjoyable content!

Our offer

We allow you to choose how you would like to be paid for your hard work, we currently offer 3 options:

  • A cut of this project’s revenue — 50%

  • A smaller cut of this project’s revenue plus USD.

  • All payments in USD — more information will be provided to those interested in joining our team

Contact us

If you are interested in applying, either DM @Norbunny or @Orex on the DevForums.


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