(CLOSED) UI design portfolio | Duover

Drawing - 2020-02-20T125159.078

Hello! My username is Duover and I’ve been into ui design for a while now. You can see my previous work below.

Drawing - 2020-02-20T125315.915


Drawing - 2020-02-20T130319.469
With the virus going around I’ll have plenty of free time to work on ui.

Drawing - 2020-02-20T125356.855
Payment depends on how much you need done
It’s usually about 200 robux per ui

Drawing - 2020-02-20T125635.659
Discord: Duover#2538
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Duover_
Devforum: @Duover
I prefer the first two option more than the devforum but any contact works.




Gotta say, I am just speechless…
These are one of the best UI’s I have ever seen! Good job man! Would surely hire you when I need for my upcoming game.

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What do you use for these amazing ui’s?

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I use Adobe Illustrator mostly.

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I like the work, I truly do! It looks amazing, one thing though:

For the VIP perks GUI, is that “perks” part of it a different font? It just looks weird to me!

Great work brother!


I don’t believe so. I adjusted the boldness so I can see why you would think that.

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How much does it cost to run it?

If you mean how much it costs my prices are up on the post.

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No, no no, I meant Adobe Ilustrator.

It comes with adobe CC so you can check on the adobe website, it is a service so you have to keep paying once a month or once per year