[CLOSED] UI Designer | GFX | Gamepass icons | Vector Artist | High Quality [Accepting USD]


About Me

Hello, there I am offering my services as a UI designer and a GFX Artist. I have Photoshop and Illustrator I have been UI designing, making Gamepass and Badge icons for 2 years plus, and been making gfx for 1 year but I haven’t really touched it much. I have previously worked on titles such as Banning simulator 2 UI and Gamepass Icons, BloxWorld Gamepass Icons, and also Monster Simulator Gamepass icons.

Note [Important]*

If you have an order UI and the commission has been completed, then u can’t sell the UI without my consent.

Once you have purchased the UI, you can’t resell it without consent from me



Pet Adventures

Pet Adventures! - Roblox

Banning Simulator

[x1000 STATS] Banning Simulator 2! - Roblox!

Monster Simulator

[UPDATE 4] Monster Simulator - Roblox!

Note All of the commission I did are not here


*Only imported this



Gamepass and Badge Icons

Upcoming Game



Boss Brawl (Gamepass Icon)

My Upcoming Game

Monster Simulator

Banning Simulator 2

Badge Coming soon

Vector Images

Things to consider

Do you have the payment ready?
How long do I have to make the commission


I am available for 4 to 6 hours every day on the weekends. You can contact me at any time, but I am unable to work during the week due to school.


Prices are negotiable
We can agree on the price

UI (Import ui included)- Robux_2019_gold 15K-25K;

$53-$88 USD
GFX - Robux_2019_gold 100 per render Logos: Robux_2019_gold 2.5K , and Vector Images: 300 per; $9 USD For Game Logo; $0.90 USD For Vector Images

For Long Term Project - 10-15% of game rev(Can’t Pay me out if long term Project)

Gamepass and Badge - Robux_2019_gold 350 per Icon;

$0.90 USD

Prices Change Log

06/15/2020 (except for Gamepass and Badge icons)


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at https://twitter.com/DeveloperSawcy
Discord - SawcyDeveloper#0528

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


This is gorgeous! I really like your games showcases


Hey I am in need of your work ill add you on discord: Venturia123#1029

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thank you very much. I took a while

Other than what looks to be free vectors which you aren’t allowed to resell, along with low resolution and invasive watermarks… it’s good.

Don’t worry i won’t be using those vectors anymore

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@SawcyDeveloper just handed over the finished work and I was extremely satisfied with the results! I had extra instructions on the game badges that I was looking for, and the final results took care of exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend @SawcyDeveloper.


Made me really great work, and for a really good price too! I would recommend.

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Added you on Discord, #LiMi3470
Edit: The guy ignored me on Discord after we talked and wasted my time, I do not recommend.

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I recommend hiring Sawcy because he works really fast and gets it done.

request sent on discord :slight_smile:

I sent a friend request via discord , rex.#7586

Hello, I would really recommend on lowering, the prices down for the GFX logo, designs! Bc 25k Robux! is, extremely expensive for Logos! so, I would recommend lowering the price down a bit on that. And, the UI prices look a bit expensive and I would recommend like people, paying 15k for some of the UI’s but, yeah there still good I would recommend those suggestions, tho! But keep it up.


Hey there, I am interested in your vector images. My discord user is henberrysodapop#9962