[CLOSED] UI Designer & Scripter

:wave: Hiya, my name is Jamey with Sweetology Development. I’m the project manager for Sweetology and have tasked myself with finding a modern UI designer who can design them, import them, and script said UIs purely for functionality. Here’s some information about me;

  • I’m a male and use he/him pronouns
  • I live in Galveston, Texas so my timezone is Central Daylight Time
  • I’m a dog person every day of the week

:cupcake: We’ve gone ahead and bulleted all the basic information a designer might need in regards to the position;

  • We’re looking for a designer who can create a full-game collection of modern UIs.
  • Sweetology is a bakery game and with my goals on this platform, the cooking system specifically, is going to be really advanced. We’re looking into different possibilities for this, however, my idea, for the time being, is for it to be super user-friendly and fun. For example, with cake pops you’d have to grab the ingredients, mix the ingredients, form the balls, put them in a pan, put a stick in, bake them, glaze them, and then put the toppings on the cake pops, all of this being completely customizable. Obviously, I’m not asking you to script all of this, rather be able to create a user interface for each action.
  • We’re looking for someone who can join our team long-term, consistently improving and updating the UI to respond to our evolving game; this includes adding updates to the user interfaces for new items, holiday updates which would mean a slight change in the looks of the UI.
  • The UIs themselves need to be fairly modern, if you’re interested in what we’re going for, you can check out the examples section below.
  • In regards to functionality and scripting functionality, we’re looking for UIs that slide in/off the screen, buttons that almost pop out and make noise (see below for information on noise) when clicked. There is going to be a few sliders for volume and some spots where typing is going to have to be enabled. Obviously, you’ll be provided with significantly more detailed information regarding the functionality, however, they should be pretty functional and good looking. We aren’t asking you to script anything in regards to databases, settings, data storage, rather just to ensure the UIs work and act as they should.
  • In regards to sound, I can hire someone who can create different noises if you aren’t a sound composer, however, I don’t want a sound that has been used in a different game or even used before.
  • Hopefully from what you can understand, we’re looking for a fairly advanced user interface designer with decent skill in ROBLOX Lua.

:no_good_woman: Here’s what we aren’t looking for;

  • We aren’t looking for cartoony style designers.
  • We aren’t looking for designers who have never worked with modern and simplistic styles of UI.
  • We aren’t looking for designers that have under a year of experience; exceptions may be made
  • We aren’t looking for designers who can’t import and script the UI.

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We are looking for designers who meet a few of our prerequisites and those are as follows;

  • The designer must be over the age of 13.
  • The location of the designer is preferred to be in the United States or have a schedule that works around American timezones.
  • The designer should have at least a year of experience in UI designing and three months of experience in ROBLOX Lua.
  • The designer should use Photoshop along with other Adobe products; see next prerequisite
  • The designer must be willing to send PSD files of all of the UI they create for Sweetology.
  • The designer must provide a portfolio of examples and previous work when they reach out.
  • It would be ideal if the designer made their own vectors/icons, however, this isn’t required.
  • The designer must have available vouchers or reviews from previous customers.

:candy: Here’s a few examples of the type and style of user interface we’re trying to achieve; please note that all of these examples were taken from different designers across DevForum;

Example 1 @nana_kon

Example 2; this example is here to purely show that a tad bit of theme would be nice; @sravindran

Example 3 @Dreahzy


:money_mouth_face: Here’s the information regarding payment;

  • We’ll only pay the designer through PayPal.
  • We’re able to work with the designer on the desired payment amount, however, starting base pay is $100 USD for the first portion of your with designing and scripting for functionality. This is only a starting pay, if you require more, we’d love to work that out with you.
  • We’re more than able to then work out payment for updates and changes to the UI.
  • In regards to when we pay, we can either pay in full once you’re done or we can pay half up front and the other half afterward.
  • Please note for payment, we ask you to give us your prices, and then we can work around that rather than you work around our budget.

:pie: You can reach out to us on multiple platforms, however, some are going to be significantly more prioritized than others;

:heart_eyes: Here’s our social links in the event you’re interested in checking us out;

:wave: If you have any questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out and I’d love to assist you from there. Thanks for checking out this post and I apologize for it being so long. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and stay safe.

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