[CLOSED] UK-Based Roleplay Community Developer


Our Community

North Wales is a Police/Fire/Ambulance realistic roleplay group, aiming to make the most realistic and enjoyable RP in the UKRP scene. Currently, we are working on a map of the coastal town, Colwyn Bay. Unfortunately, our main hold back is a lack of development staff.

Our Current Team
JoshJHastings - Community Director
MrSilentSlither - Head Developer
AeternusEwan - Road Markings/Miscellaneous Tasks
Sh_vP - Building (LOA)

Our game is currently private, so naturally you can’t play it as of yet. However I’ve left some screenshots for you.

About The Job

We are looking for talented builders to join our team and help bring our ideas to life. You’ll be working with a team of lovely individuals who are all outstanding at their roles. You will be assigned tasks based on the progression of the map, which can range from creating a housing interior to working on a whole street. We won’t give you tasks you’re not comfortable with, so you’ll be able to let us know where your specialism lies.

Sneak Peak Images of the game at current

We do not have a set release date for the map at this time, however we want to release the map as soon as operationally possible. You’ll be required to complete 3-5 tasks each week, dependent on the scale of them, of course.


We have currently not confirmed a payment system, however we are hoping to pay all our developers a R$ payment based on percentages when the game releases. We will be seeking other payment options for completing work during the development phase, however that has not been confirmed as of yet.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact our Group Operations Director to apply for the role via Discord; TheDon#3332.
In your application, please include screenshots of your past work and any other relevant details (times able to develop for us, etc)
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

We hope to see some hopeful applicants join our team! We’ll see you then!


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