[CLOSED, USD/R$/%] "Toy Planet" Content Creators (3D Modelers, Animators)

“Toy Planet” is the name of the project I am currently working on. As an extremely basic overview for the primary game mechanic: players collect materials and ingredients around the map to craft and create toys that come to life and produce profit. While it sounds pretty surface-level, akin to most simulator games and tycoons, the nuance of the game is in the mechanics.

I am Ocula. I have been a developer here on ROBLOX since 2011 and some noteworthy projects I’ve worked on include TreeLands and Shard Seekers.

The Test Server for the project is linked below. Check it out to see what I’ve created so far. While the game is fairly barren at the moment, with nothing but housing baseplates, I want you to get a feel for the game’s aesthetic.

I am looking for dedicated and quality-aspiring 3D modelers/animators who can design toys and bring them to life. For example, if I need a stuffed teddy bear, you would have to create a rig for the bear, as well as a basic set of animations for the creature (i.e., idle movements and walking movements). I need you to be available during normal work hours (10am - 5pm PST, M-F). The creativity you bring to the project will also help me in crafting the way it eventually turns out, so bring an open mind!

Here is a list of some toy brainstorm ideas I’ve come up with. I include this to mostly help you gauge whether you feel this is a task you can handle by giving you an idea of what kinds of things you would be creating/animating.

Toy List

As far as timeline goes, I can discuss that with you further. But the basic trajectory for moving into testing stages would be by the end of this month (June).

Since the game is heavily based on the content you would be creating, I am open to discussing a percentage opportunity or a substantial pay-per-asset rate. Let’s discuss! :slight_smile:

Send me your artistic portfolios here on the DevForum or on Discord (Ocula#4914).

Thanks so much!
I look forward to seeing your work!

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discord label not valid (30character)

Apologies! I put in the numbers incorrectly. @Ocula#4914 should be correct :).

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send friend request in discord

Hey! I’ll contact you on discord shortly.

Are there any spots open for testers?

Yes, there are! Message me on Discord for more info :slight_smile:

Are you looking for a more low-poly or realistic style ?

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Alright, I have sent you a request!

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Low-poly! :slight_smile: Great question, thanks.

Can we be only modeler or only animator ?

I’m looking mostly for modeler/animators (so both skills). But feel free to send me your portfolio anyway!

Alright, here (I’m a modeler only, but i’ve done some rigging and animating)

Hey! I’m interested, I’m a builder and modeler. [Portfolio] kd12306 - Builder & Modeler I hope my work can be of use to this game, if not that’s all good! You can contact me on Discord - KEDO#2667 :wave:

Thank you to everyone who applied! Applications are now closing.

If you are still interested in the project, be sure to stay alert in the future for more opportunities!

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