[CLOSED] Valkenheim | Clothing Designer

ACTUALLY OPEN. Additionally works here may be outdated, I do not update this frequently. Check my twitter for most recent and best works.
about me
Unable to change title likely because you can’t post here anymore but I’m open as of 3/10/22.

Hi! I’m Valkenheim, A 2D + 3D artist and a clothing designer with a nearly 2 years experience and constantly improving. I’ve been playing since 2012 and have used studio to build since 2014. In modelling I’m best with anything hard surface and fairly new to organic and sculpted task but am able to quickly adapt to achieve new task. For 2D clothing in particular I enjoy creating almost anything. I’m skilled in Blender, 3D Coat, Substance Painter, Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Marmoset Toolbag 4, and Paint.net for what I do and other purposes. When texturing I’m capable of both PBR and stylized texturing. I’ve worked with many notable people, companies, youtubers, groups, clans, and UGC creators.

Some popular place my work is featured in are Adopt Me, Welcome to Bloxburg, NFL Tycoon, The Scorch and Designer Mania, Crystal Falls🌲, Apocalypse Rising 2, and hopefully much more to come!

I have two UGC collab (ty to Rayneos and luka007 for uploading) purchasable here!!

I own a personal clothing group Sycamore Clothing with 5,000+ members where I occasionally upload clothing, and a YouTube channel where I have some of my speed designs uploaded.

Even if it doesn’t say I’m open you can still try to contact me about commissions, since I’m almost always taking them!!


More recent work can be found on my Twitter. The most recent of my accessories and some clothing I’ve created are likely under NDA so I can’t show everything yet sadly. Some styles may not be present but I am capable of whatever task you may request!!

A small selection of my more advanced clothing can be seen at my in-game portfolio: Ingame Portfolio - Roblox


UGC Concepts

Backwards order to showcase more recent work first.


Other 3d Modelling

Game assets not specific to UGC concepting.

Note about this one- Not the original creator of the model but modified and retextured the ghillie suit + clothing in a requested revamp.



Fantasy, Scifi, Tactical, various others

Some of my best work in these categories consolidated into a single image. Image resolution may suffer from compression, can give full resolution if necessary

Star Wars/SWTOR

Delta Squad

Jango Fett
Imperial Officer

SWTOR Smuggler

Formal Military / Medieval / Colonial


Fallout 4 New Vegas

deviant twitter showcase

Casual Male

Examples here are a tad bit outdated.
PreviewTemplateV1Chick Fil A Uni 3 Preview Up Closechefpreviewchick fil a zip pulloverprevewportfolio_sample_ignoreimage

Casual Feminine

Most of these are available in my group, Sycamore Clothing


Formal Suits



Older examples


Kawaii / Lolita

ytTwitterShowcase2 yellow lol ita dress dispalyimageimageimagething thing thing

Anime / Cartoony

Attack on Titan
One Punch Man
Demon Slayer, old example
Saint Seiya

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Black Lagoon
Mostly from FNF Mods and references


-I am available for a at least 4 hours everyday unless otherwise specified
-I live in Eastern Standard Time (EST) and likely will not respond late at night
-I prefer not to work long term but it can definitely be arranged
-I can work with very tight deadlines but will cost extra


I price based on reference, description, and the job that needs to be done. Casual everyday clothing tends to be $70+ and advanced/complex clothing and uniforms tend to be $100+. I typically only accept USD through Paypal or BTC/ETH. Robux is not preferred but can still be accepted for a higher rate.

-You cover tax if paid through T-shirt
-Payment is upfront
-Contact me on Discord for more pricing inquiries relevant to what you want; Prices are negotiable
-Credit in the description of the item appreciated but not required


Please reach out for any further inquiries.

Discord: Valkenheim#7174 (Case sensitive)
Twitter: @VaIkenheim
Roblox: Valkenheim

last updated: March 15 2022, still open


I like your clothing, keep up the great work!

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Thats really amazing, I love the way you shade. You have awesome work!

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HIGHLY recommend this designer, his clothing is absolutely beautiful, the shading, the wrinkles, the detail is immaculate.

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This looks omg how amazing. Keep work!