[CLOSED] Vehicle scripter

About Us

Howdy. We are a large upcoming project, led by a duo, that aims to create very large-scale combined arms battles set in WW2, where groups fight each other with strategy and varied technologies. Our goal is to have 100+ players on the same map, fighting to secure total victory and advance their nation’s war, in a series of large pitched battles.

The Current Team
@maksymilianxp - Chairman
@Industrialius - Vice-chairman, Building and UI
@ForLooped - Scripting

About The Job

We are looking for an advanced and motivated Scripter to make us the most iconic parts of any WW2 land campaign: the vehicles (and artillery too). You will be tasked with creating a combat vehicle system, along with firing mechanisms to create battle tanks.
You will then use the driving basis of the tank to make trucks and armored cars, while the firing mechanisms will be used for two types of artillery. Finally, you will be working with our main scripter to create simple, but important spawning systems. The vehicle systems along with their camera work and general handling should resemble the Battlefield and Post Scriptum games. Finally, they should be simple enough to switch the model for, as we will be accommodating many nations and historical vehicles. More information will be given should you be chosen.

We will also be in contact throughout, and will answer any question. We will also be monitoring progress, as we will be showing it to the other members of our project.


  • 3+ strong years of scripting experience
  • At least 16 years old
  • A decent Portfolio
  • Ability to communicate through Discord

Preferred, but not obligatory

  • Knowledge or interest on the Second World War, or warfare in general (especially tanks)
  • Working microphone
  • Has played Battlefield 1, Battlefield V, Post Scriptum, Hell Let Loose or Foxhole


The total pay, for the tanks, trucks, armored cars, and the two types of artillery will amount to 100,000 Robux. We will still pay it per milestone, with 60k for tanks, 20k for trucks and armored cars, 20k for artillery.

There will also be up to 20,000 extra Robux should you choose to switch a decent amount of models yourself, and should you finish at least the tanks under a month, which although isn’t a concrete deadline, is the preferred timeframe.

If you are interested, we can also negotiate long-term employment with percentages at the end of your commission.

IMPORTANT: We will be paying via group funds. We will however pay 5,000 R$ in upfront via whatever instant method of payment you prefer (shirt, gamepass). We will also show proof of funds.

Contact Us

You can contact me via my discord: KMO#1415 (send a friend request first)

Cheers. We are looking forward to your response.


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