[CLOSED] VexTrexYT - Experienced Scripter

Hello! I am Vex and I am a scripter with 4 years of experience. I specialize in common game mechanics, UI scripting, and NPC systems. I can also script FPS, gun, data management, physics-based mechanics, and admin and anti-exploit systems.

When doing projects, I ensure clean code with understandable comments. When working with others, I enjoy being open and honest with them as well as accepting feedback. When requested, I can log my work through documents, pictures, or videos for ensuring progress. I will attempt to meet the deadline and will prioritize that project if needed. When a commission is over, I am open to giving suggestions on fixing bugs and adding new features. I also use professional development tools like Visual Studio Code, GitHub, and Git to write, manage code, and version control respectively. I am open to using Notion or Trello for planning.


Super Baby Tycoon (1m+ visits, GamingWithKev (6.5 mil), Rovi23 (4.4 mil), Tofuu (3.6 mil), DoctorBenx (1.4 mil) made a video on this game, scripted some systems)
Necro-Fantastia (dialogue system, Albert/Flamingo played this game)
Zulu (custom player list, chat, FPS weapons, NPC AI, round system)
Battle Simulator (NPC AI)


Gun System - Very modular, very customizable, several fire modes, 3600 rpm max, customizable animations and models, and uses FastCast.
Third Person Guns - M249, M4A1, UMP45, PP-19 Bizon, Glock 19, Desert Eagle.
NPC System - Puncher, Explosive, and Giant NPC’s. Ragdoll, pathfinding, line of sight & perspective prioritization, performance-boosted. Can support 50+ NPC’s.)
Magma Boss NPC - Flies, lava pools, and fire wind abilities.
FPS Weapons
Admin System - Custom UI, autocomplete, customizable commands, and command logging.
Building/Placement System
Matchmaking System (Create and join public and private servers with server codes and customization options (map, difficulty, privacy))
Custom Leaderboard - Kills, deaths, KDR, ping, and group rank. Supports teams.
Discord Webhook
Minimap - Performance boosted
Player Radar
Rope Mechanics - Physics
Pet Follow System - Physics

I am available from 8 AM - 11 PM EST every day.

Prices are negotiable, I accept either hourly pay or per asset. My preferred payment method is through PayPal and USD.

You can contact me anytime and I should respond within the hour if not asleep. You can contact me through the Developer Forum or through Discord.

Updated 7/22/21

Thanks for reading!


Vex is one of the most organized, structured scripters I’ve ever meet. Working with him is extremely easy and there aren’t many scripters I’d recommend besides him. I’d definitely suggest working with him.

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As someone who’s worked with him before for a while, I can say that he is an amazing scripter, with over 3 years of experience, and the work ethic and persistence to be able to complete a job in a fast and organized fashion.

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Bumping this post. Added more showcases like the gun, NPC, matchmaking, and admin system.

I am also working long term now, but due to school, I can only work for about 20 hours.


Bumping the post again. I added in another gun system.

Due to school, I am no longer able to work long term, commissions only.

I am available for commissions again.

Added in a showcase for an NPC, leaderboard, Discord webhook, minimap, and player radar. I also readded rope mechanics and a pet follow system.

Sent you a request on discord.