[CLOSED] Vioncii - Builder/Modeller & Clothing Designer

Vioncii | Roblox Builder & Clothing Designer

Hi! I’m Vioncii, also known as Vi :heartpulse:

➮ I have been building & designing since around July/September of 2019. I specialize in high poly/detailed builds and i’m a beginner 3D modeler.

➮ Some games I am currently working on or have previously worked on are:

:heartpulse: Check out my Roblox and my Twitter where I frequently post about progress about builds, 3D models, clothing, and other things I do.

:heartpulse: Here’s some examples of my builds!

👑 Royale High Easter Update Minigame (In collaboration with JamJooJoo)

👑 Royale High New Years Update (In collaboration with JamJooJoo)

Main Party Area


Midnight Strike Popstar Set
Accessory collection, 3D modeled & rendered by me

👑 Royale High Luxury Highrise Apartments Lobby (In collaboration with JamJooJoo)

Winter Exterior

Front Desk

Elevator Hallway

👑 Royale High Nature Element Obby

👑 Royale High Water Element Trial

👑 Royale High Fire Element Trial

Antilique's UGC & Clothing Homestore (In collaboration with Blushlies)

Featuring all original plant assets!

"The Penthouse" Vibe Game

Lizzy Kittyz Haunted House

Infierno Homestore

Vioncii Homestore V2

Luxury Homestore

Low Poly Homestore

Vioncii Homestore V1

:heartpulse: Here’s some examples of my Roblox clothing designs!

Winter Dreams Mini-Collection 2020

Halloween Mini-Collection 2020

Paris Chic Outfits

Ariana Grande & Lady Gaga VMA Performance Outfits

Soft Clouds Outfits

4th of July / Canada Day Outfits

Pride Month Outfits


Valkyrie Male Cheer Uniform

Lovely Hearts Outfits

Neon 2 Piece Outfits

Alexis Outfit

alexis display

Dark Outfit w/ Hands

mia display

Blue's Outfit

liam display

Lux Bunny Collection

St. Patricks Day Outfit


:heartpulse: My availability depends on build complexity, and my IRL schedule. If I run into any scheduling issues during your project, I will make sure to communicate that with you and work things out.

:heartpulse: If you have a specific deadline in mind, please tell me before I start your project so that I can schedule my process accordingly. If I bump into any issues to meet your deadline, I will make sure to communicate that with you as well.

:heartpulse: My prices are sometimes negotiable depending on the build. I accept USD and ROBUX payment!

:heartpulse: If you’re considering hiring me please consider the following:

➮ You will be updated with progress reports when I finish a reasonable sized portion of the project.

➮ It would help to hear specific feedback while working on your project.

➮ If its a build, I will work on it in a team create or group game so that you can constantly view my progress.

➮ My ROBUX pricing starts at 50K+ ROBUX, via T-Shirt, regarding that each asset will be original.

➮ I will put in as much effort as possible to prevent any sort of lag in your game if its a build. I understand lag prevention methods and know how to put them into place.

:heart: To provide the best quality service that I can, please read through these specifications before considering me as your builder, clothing designer, or 3D modeler.

  • All changes requested on a project must be made before the final payment.

  • I will not make anything related to military, furry, nsfw, homophobia, or gore.

  • Robux payment must be through group funds. If you’d like to pay with robux via t-shirt, please keep in mind that the price will be higher than usual due to roblox tax. USD payment will always be through paypal.

  • I must be credited for my work in some way. Game description, on the build, etc.

  • Please have patience with me & trust my process, I always make sure to put in 600% effort into every project.

  • Reference pictures are always necessary, please make sure to provide these during the brainstorming process at the beginning of our time working together.

  • No refunds.

DevForum - @Vioncii

Roblox - Vioncii

Discord - vioncii #7290

Twitter - Vioncii

if you’re planning on working with me (when I am available), please contact me via discord where I am most active. i’ll change the title of this post to [OPEN]

:heartpulse: thank you so much for reading my portfolio! :heartpulse:


I recommend hiring Vioncii, they provide high quality work!


Their work is adorable and very cute! 100% recommended!!


Vioncii is super professional, and an incredible creator. We have worked together multiple times and I highly recommend. :smiley:


Definitely recommend Vioncii, working with them is super easy-going and they are insanely talented as well!


I highly recommend hiring Vioncii! Vi is very professional, caring, and an extremely hard worker; always putting their best foot forward. :purple_heart: #HireVioncii

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I have worked with Vioncii before and they are very fast, professional, nice, etc etc. would 1000% want to work with them again.

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When you are open again please tell me! I am interested in hiring

Your work is absolutely incredible!! I am currently looking for a builder, to create a European street themed homestore. something with around 100 mannequins or so, and medium-large size, similar to the size of the “vioncii homestore V2” map. I see your commissions are closed at the moment, but I was wondering if you can give me an estimated price of something like this? I will also wait until your commissions open again, you are very talented!

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I have updated my portfolio with new examples from “Royale High”, and my build commissions are now open for ROBUX payment! Starting at 50k depending on complexity, via T-Shirt. :smile:


Interested for hiring you for a Cafe project! Please DM me: WoofWatermelon#8888. Would love working with you! <3

I’m jealous vi, your work is so beautiful

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