[CLOSED] Virus Defender - Anti-Virus Done Right

Hello Developers!

I’ve been using a anti-virus from 2017 for almost 2 years now… While looking for a good replacement, none of them really had what I wanted from a modern anti-virus plugin. Don’t get me wrong, there are quite few good plugins out there right now! However I’ve made a new plugin that has all the features I want in an anti-virus plugin.

1. Scan Information
After scanning I want a nice UI displaying viruses found with some basic information, such as the script name, detection reason, and a button for viewing source code and removing the script. Unlike some plugins I don’t want viruses to be removed without my confirmation incase they are core scripts.

2. Scan Customization
I would like the option to choose what kind of scan I would like to conduct. This might seem useless, but actually is quite useful if you’re not trying to search for certain things. For example in the quick scan option the plugin will not search for obfuscated code.

3. Obfuscated Code Detection
I would like to be able to detect obfuscated code because malicious code can be easily hidden with obfuscated code. I found many plugins lacking the ability to detect obfuscated code.

Premium Features
Virus Defender does offer a premium option with many additional features for 150 robux.

1. Deep Scanning
A deep scan is the most advanced scanning option we offer. It detects deprecated code and 3rd party logging. For example webhook logging via discord and will also warn you if the http service is detected.

2. Live Protection
With live protection, Virus Defender will automatically scan any new scripts added to your place!

3. Minor Features
The Premium plugin also has a improved result screen and a theme refresh.

The Premium version is completely optional not required.

For the free version: https://create.roblox.com/marketplace/asset/15474875351/Virus-Defender%3Fkeyword=&pageNumber=&pagePosition=

For the premium version: https://create.roblox.com/marketplace/asset/15474985848/Virus-Defender-Pro%3Fkeyword=&pageNumber=&pagePosition=

I would love to hear your feedback or suggestions on the plugin!



I like the UI and like how it’s designed. But, it’s flagging a script just because it has string.reverse? That’s a bit odd because non-malicious scripts also utilize it.

I think it has some improving to do but I like where it’s heading


Thank you! Currently I’m just alerting users about commonly used malicious strings but I will definitely add more advanced detection.

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Hello! I have a question.

There is a game called SomeBuddy, and I didn’t play it because I had installed this software called Bonzai Buddy.

Should I get your plug-in to check to make sure it’s not a Virus before I open it?

(Edit: fixed some logic errors)

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How do those correlate in any way?
Edit: Just found the “SomeBuddy” post, replied to that too

Based on the screenshots that you provided, the design doesn’t look good; here’s my feedback:

  • Stop relying on TextScaled so much. Having a consistent text size is very important in order for your UI to look uniform.
    • My suggestion: Your design should have a base text size (for example, 16), and then multiples of that font size for specific purposes, like x2 for titles, x1.5 for important text, x0.75 for subtext, etc. The size of the elements should also be adjusted based on the text size. In the case of buttons, you can set horizontal padding to x0.5 of the text size, and vertical padding to x0.25 of the text size.
  • Background transparency is different for almost every window, which again, hurts uniformity.
  • Some of the text is italic, but it has absolutely no reason to be italic. The only good use is secondary text in the third screenshot.
  • Some buttons have CAPITALIZED letters, while other buttons have First Letters Capitalized. Again, no uniformity.
  • No consistent exit/cancel buttons. In the first screenshot, there is “Exit” button on the left. On the second screenshot, there is no button to exit whatsoever. On the third screenshot, there is “Cancel” button instead, and in the last screenshot there is X button on the right.
  • Regular scan and deep scan look visually different for no reason.
  • ScrollBarImageColor3 exists. Please change it to 255, 255, 255. Or use a white scrollbar image.

Some other notes:

  • Scripts should have full names using GetFullName function, because most of them would be named “Script” or similar, which would be very hard to figure out where they come from.
  • Since it’s checking for stuff like string.reverse and such, I expect a lot of false-positives. Since this plugin is intended for beginner programmers (because I expect advanced programmers to either not use freemodels with scripts, or know how to get rid of those without plugins), it can be very confusing, and could lead to a lot of harmless scripts being removed, which might be important for proper functionality.
  • Clicking “Inspect” doesn’t open script editor, but instead shows unformatted text with script source, which is completely unusable on any real script that has more than 5 lines of code.

Overall, an amateur attempt at a plugin, which also makes me wonder if it was ever tested on real scenarios with hundreds of scripts from various toolbox models.


Hey there!

Thank you for this feedback, I feel like I should have taken some more time to polish over everything. Since this was just a small little side project I didn’t polish over everything as much. I’ve went ahead and improved things based on your suggestions.

[I’ve decided to skip on the UI aspect of things at the moment, but I will also improve this shortly.]

  1. I’ve implemented the GetFullName function for more clarity.
  2. I’m starting to implement better detection instead of directly scanning the script for keywords.
  3. Inspect now opens the roblox script editor.

Thank you for your feedback.

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I’ve decided to close this because of I rushed the development side of things and was left with quite a messy result. I will be focusing on my main project in the meantime and will likely not respond to any future responses. However feel free to download the plugin if you would like.