CLOSED - vishkars public graphic design portfolio





Cute stuff!


Nice UI but the price is overpriced.


How much UI would be included for it to add up to 100k? Because that’s a lot of robux for UIs. Not trying to question your UIs worth or anything I’m just curious and trying to see what I can afford as of I like your UIs.


Nice work.

Do you have a price chart?


Are your commissions still closed? I’d like to talk to you about a game I’m currently working on. :slight_smile:


100k is a minimum for Robux presumably so she can DevEx, otherwise she wants Paypal. As someone who’s worked with her before, an entire game’s UI from her is worth near that anyway.


Really nice!


Good UIs.


Too overpriced, maybe 50k would be good? :thinking: Otherwise, great UI skills! :+1:


I really suggest you read more in depth. I think the 100k just grabbed you attention from the rest of the post and thread. Vishkars (who’s UI Work is very high quality), says that if you plan to commission her from work that pays more than 100k (think creating UI for an entire game), she accepts payment in either Robux or Paypal (Perhaps to ensure she’ll be able to devex it immediately rather than waiting until she has enough to devex).

Sorry for the long post (and happy bday.)


Wow, this looks like a portfolio I’d love to read through over and over again! I like how you made everything look so neat and tidy!

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