{CLOSED!} We Need a Scripter (Dungeon Game!)

Hi there! I am PitaPata14, a fairly popular scripter, builder and more! I am looking for one advanced scripter!

The Team:

@PitaPata14 - Builder
@DesertedArtist - Builder
@KDBgames - Scripter
@EMPTY - Scripter
@PitaPata14- UI Designer
@DominusAstra2 - Modeler

You can see our progress so far here: Dungeon Masters - Testing Server - Roblox


  1. Respect Teammates
  2. Quality Builds Only
  3. Don’t steal the games builds

Game Style Example:

The game does not specify how many assets we need!


This might get your hopes down, sadly I don’t pay in advance. The way I pay is when the game is published every team member gets a certain percentage of robux depending on their daily work!

Contact Method

You can contact us by replying here in the dev forum, messaging me in the dev forum or messaging me in Roblox!

If you are a modeler you will most likely be making melee weapons.
If you are a scripter you will make mechanics work properly. For example the shop, the part system, the weapons and more!

If you do not have a Discord account make one! If you are in I will tell you, my user!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I was actually interested in being a low poly builder for the game. I’ve been looking over this post for about an hour an a half (not realizing builder was already taken). When I realized builder was taken I got mad because of how long I was here. Game seems fun though overall, and I like the style and physics of it. If you want my portfolio here it is…

Also, I have some melee weapons for you :grinning:

Sorry, If somehow we need a builder I will come to you!

Still looking for a scripter btw everyone!

Naterium is our new scripter!

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