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About Us

I am from Hard or Easy Studios. We are looking for a small, talented and upcoming builder. We may are may not work closely with another studio to help them with there games (for more info Message me about this). I just starting creating games and I want other small talented and upcoming Devs to join me for a while making small games together. I have multiple game ideas all of which are oringinal.

What I expect

I expect passionite upcoming Devs who are extremly denicated to this. I also want you to show me your profile or examples of your work. I dont it expect 24/7 you be on this but I expect this to be the one of your only Groups you work with (Its ok if you have 2).


We really have one requirment and that is to show your profile and former work. The thing we need most in probaly someone who could make like real life builds but we can adjust to anything. For information on the 1st project just contact me here on Devforum.


This is one of the biggest downfalls to this job. We would have to use the in studios chat. Not discord or anything just studios chat. Devforum is where we will have our weekly Meetings.

Group Meetings?

Like I said I am so passinote about this we will have weekly group meetings here on DevForum. I would give you a week or more (depends on how difficult it may be) timeline to finish a build in the gam. I will also have hoilday breaks and more. Payment will be monthly.

Closing Regards aka Summery

I have probaly said this multiple times in the post but if you are by any chance intersed even if your not 100% contact me on DevForum about questions (Like what type of games? How long do you expect us to work? Is this full time? and stuff like that) I will respond within 24 hours.

Please don’t contact me if you are not 100% sure that you would to be very long term with this group project.

Please contact me if you chose option 1 or 3 on the poll

  • Super Interseted (I will contact you about the job Madden21fan)
  • Let me think about it
  • Maybe (I have some questions I will contact you Madden21fan)
  • Not interseted

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