[CLOSED] Weaponcraft is looking for volunteer Quality Assurance Testers!

Twitter: @Weaponcraft_
Discord: :link:.gg/weaponcraft

Hi All.

Weaponcraft is looking for Quality Assurance Testers!

Location: Remote, work from home and with your own hours.
Salary Range: Volunteer work, none. However-- you’ll be able to get some tester perks.

Subject to change depending on your experience as a professional QA Tester. Feel free to hit us up to do some negotiations.

About Weaponcraft!
Weaponcraft is a ROBLOX game where you are able to explore a variety of maps, kill mobs and bosses, complete dungeons, collect cool drops, level up, own pets & mounts, wear cosmetic items, customize your characters, and much more! Weaponcraft accumulated roughly 2.4 million players in just the first month of beta release. We’ll be doing an entire overhaul and it’ll turn out much better!

The Job:


  • Get a fast-pass and test out the game earlier than everyone else.
  • Provide constructive and detailed reports on any bugs that you find.
  • Not make duplicate bugs (bugs that has already been reported by someone else).
  • Provide good feedbacks, do not concern yourselves with minor game suggestions if you were asked to specifically find bugs in certain parts of the game.
  • Collaborate closely with artists, modellers, programmers, project coordinators, and other team members to improve the gameplay and prevent game-breaking bugs or other internal issues that might hit back at us later in the long run.
  • Not play the game like any other ordinary player. You have to be able to spot unintentional things going on around with the game. You are tasked with encountering things out of the ordinary or that are unintentional.

"Should Have" Traits:

  • Good understanding of game designs and different type of game mechanics used in game.
  • Passion for breaking the game, literally.
  • Strong communication in English.

"Nice To Have" Traits:

  • A good writing skills to be able to write constructive reports and feedbacks.
  • Experienced in working as a tester in previous works.
  • Secondary game development skills that may help you support your bug-identifying work, and explain deep into the technicalities - UI/UX, game design, graphic design, audio design, modeling + texturing, programming, etc.
  • Be able to test the game on all platforms (PC, Mobile & Console).

How to Apply:

If you were accepted, you will be contacted personally by me or another Weaponcraft Staff. Feel free to hit me up with any questions through my DevForum inbox :smile:!

Feel free to take a look at our progress on the official Weaponcraft Twitter: @Weaponcraft_, or also join our discord server to converse with the community at :link:.gg/weaponcraft !


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