[Closed] Wicked Waves Feedback

I have closed the game and am currently working towards releasing Wicked Waves, thanks to everyone who helped test!

There is currently no set release date.


I don’t understand, cool creations is to show cool creations that you’ve made, isn’t it?

This is for feedback on my game that i will be releasing soon…

Even though I think you’ve wrongly accused this of being in the wrong category, I’ve made the questions for feedback more clear.


The game sounds very cool so far, can’t wait to play it!

I also got some answers for ya!

  1. your shop is amazing! not much I think you could add to it (in my opinion)
  2. Common updates and holiday events always keep players coming back! you should add some limited time halloween backpack or some halloween theme map since your release date sounds close to halloween.
  3. Since the game isnt complete I can’t give any criticism nor can I suggest anything other than the things that are still in work

You’re doing great so far and I cant wait to see your game on my home page :>

This game is great! The testing game worked smoothly and I honestly only have a few recommendations.

  1. I think It would be helpful to add the “Features/How to play” section of your devforum post into the game or the game’s description to help new players understand what to do.

  2. Make the game more interactive overall, like adding a small tutorial at the beginning or instead of having items be automatically sold, add more lobby time and have the player go to a specific spot to sell their goods, etc… Anything to make the player more engaged will help a lot.

You’re doing great and I think this game will do well! Keep it up!

Actually, you do have to sell items in the lobby by yourself. Anyways thanks!

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Thanks! I actually have multiple live events planned for the future along with a possible update schedule and what kind of updates I should be releasing.

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The UI is amazing, but the gameplay needs some work. Walking around collecting coins isn’t much fun and I noticed something odd when I entered the office map:

(NOTE: The round was just starting so the stairs didn’t break because of the disaster)

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Hey, I’m guessing by coins you mean collecting the items to sell. Also, I’ll fix the stairs. And could you give more detail on what you mean by the gameplay needs work? I’ll change or add anything.

I only played the game for about 5 minutes and felt there should be more action. For example you could add falling objects and other things that damage the player early on in the round.
The falling objects could be anything you would have in a house.

Hey, I don’t full understand what you mean by falling parts but I get the point. I’m working on more engaging features while the tsunami is active. Thanks for your feedback!

(By the way you got the most undone and worst map, I’m going to finish that map)

So I have realized that there is no style for the buildings or models. For example, there are these really realistic chairs, and then there are the computers that remind me of old roblox modeling (no offense). there is also the random low poly style chest in the lobby and I haven’t seen anything else low poly. So i would recommend trying to get one certain style then redo most of the models with that style. Also i do realize that you are not done with the maps yet, and you might already have this in mind.

But overall I think its pretty fun, maybe make it a bit harder(because it is kinda easy to get away from the tsunami)

Hey, I’ve actually noticed the odd-building style difference which is a really bad habit I have while building. I’d like to keep the low poly theme so I’m going to redo lots of parts of maps. Thanks for your feedback!

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Btw. Quick tip, use this

Cool game and great concept. I can see myself returning to play your game again.

Do you have a video of the tsunami wave in-action :yum::yum:

Not currently, I’m going to be working on a teaser trailer, release trailer, and thumbnails soon though. I’m actually working on redoing part of tsunamis right now so probably won’t start making the videos for a bit.

Thanks! Glad you liked it, I’m working on an update for today


I’ve been messing around with this I’m going to work on implementing it soon. Thank you!

Sorry for the late response


New update:
Loading tsunamis now uses a part pool
Fixed rain issues
Some UI changes
New Map
Bug fixes

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