[CLOSED] x_Kaylxe | 3D Modeler, Terrain, and Building


Hey Everybody! My Name is Kay. I’m 18 Years old, and I thought I’d talk about myself a little bit before getting to my work. I’ve been on Roblox since 2012, Back when I was 12. I remember playing as a guest, through Cart Ride Games, Tycoons, and Obbies. I think I told myself “I want to be a Developer” when I was 13, but never Attempted to become one until I was 14, and got really serious to set out to have this as my Career by 16. By this time I had met some developers who were actively building a name for themselves, or had already built a name, and after talking to them, I eventually got into Blender with their help here and there. I began to work with Blender for 2 years and still actively work with it to this day. I’ve been working with Roblox Terrain Tools for almost 3 Years, Visual Effects for about 2 Months, and Building for 4 Years.

I was also known by Jayden, before changing my name to Kaylee, as it fits who I am much better.

Past Work

Now that introductions are out of the way, here is as much of the work that I could find to show!

3D Modeling

Temporarily Empty until I find the USB Drive with all of my .blend files! :sweat_smile:

Map Work

Here’s some of the Maps I’ve worked on!

Battle Quest (Actively Working On)
Outlaw Forest

Dusty Desert

Frigid Winterland

Worldseed Grove

Plunderer's Bay

Elemental Grind Game

Defender's Depot

(Collab Work with @KiiyokoDev)

Map: Medieval Madness

Adventure Lands



Monsters (Battle Quest)




(Elite Outlaw)

(Outlaw Captain)

Dusty Desert



(Elite Wanderer)

(Temple Guard)


Frigid Winterland

(Frost Minion)

(Frost Elite)

(Frost Guard)

(Frost Captain)


Celestials (Adventure Lands)














Weapons (Battle Quest)












Visual Effects
Magic Effects

(Cosmosis State)

(Arcane Orb)

(Arcane Missile)

(Mana Zone)

(Arcane Beam)

(Ability Charge Self)

(Ability Charge Blast)

(Underworld Goddess)

(Darkworld Revival)


Fuse Levels









I’m usually available 5 out of 7 days a week, to take the weekends off and relax, but sometimes I will work through the weekend, especially if I have a deadline to meet. Upon contact, I will ask you for a Deadline that is needed to be met, Depending on the deadline, will depend on how hard I’m working through the commission. I will usually work through as much as I can, as often as I can. Taking only a few breaks in between every day it takes. If I cannot meet your Deadline, and I accept the job, I will let you know at least 3 days in advance if any complications may arise during our time working together. As well as frequent updates on progress, sending images and videos as I go asking if there are any changes to be done before I move onto the next part of the job.


Payment will be discussed on contact, prior to accepting the Job. Where we can Discuss the Prices, and how payment will be Handled. I will accept Payment throughPaypal, or Devexxable Robux. You Must Cover the Tax as well. I will Not Give you the files until I have been properly paid. When the Commission is Finished, I will send you every .blend (Blender File) and .rbxl (Roblox Studio File) that is used in the Comission, as well as any Textures.

I will not accept Percentage Payments as an only form of Payment, You may offer it on top of a set payment that I will receive after the commission is finished. But just a Percentage Payment will not be accepted.


You can contact me through two ways.

The first and most efficient way of Contact is through Discord. My Discord is ₭.#0001, Here you will be able to contact me almost immediately, Unless I am sleeping. In which case I will contact you in the morning when I wake up and see the Notice.

An Alternative way to Contact me is through Twitter. @xKaylxe or by Pressing Here. I cannot guarantee an instant response, and it may take a few days for me to see your Message.

I Highly recommend contacting me through Discord. It is the BEST way to contact me

Thank you for checking my Portfolio out. I hope to work with you in the future :slight_smile:

  • Kay (xKaylxe)

I can vouch for Kaylee, I’ve worked with her plenty; she’s quite easy to work with and also on top of that, quite quick. Ya’ll should definitely considering hiring her. :+1:


I vouch for jayden, she is a very talented developer. You’d especially find her passion for game development to be incredible. I suggest checking her out!


xx_Jaydxn is an excellent developer. They completed my assigned work quickly and efficiently. I recommend yall to hire them!


I commissioned a map from xx_Jaydxn and would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a talented environment artist. She is versatile and can work with any artistic style you throw at her, and she is a very quick and motivated worker. She is also a great listener and cares a lot about getting the job done exactly how you describe it. Overall, a pleasure to work with.

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Hi there! Your discord is invalid.

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