[CLOSED] xx_Jaydxn | Builder, Modeler, Terrain Artist

~ Content Removed, Will be getting a Revamp Soon ~


I can vouch for Arc_ds. He’s an amazing builder and modeler. I’ve worked with him before; he has an amazing work ethic and all of his builds are beautiful, clean and sharp.

I would definitely consider working with him again. :+1:


I have been working with N_Xia and with out a doubt, I can proudly say that she is an outstanding pupil to work with, not to mention her Building and Modeling skills are amazing. I will definitely be hiring her for more work in the future.


Your work is awesome, I hope I’m able to work with you in the future!

Your discord isn’t working! :frowning:

Can you send me your discord please??

Hey, it’s a late response, I’m sorry I’ve been a way for a really long time, I’ll be updating the post soon though with pricing adjusted as well as a lot of other things.

Once Again, I’m terribly sorry for the lack in communication for this post.