[CLOSED] ZaneRexuz GFX Designer Portfolio

About Me :zzz:

Hello, my name is Zane. I’m a GFX designer, I have 4-5 years of experience under my name. I wouldn’t call myself the best out there, but I think I’m pretty alright at it, I still have a lot to learn. I can contribute roughly any amount of time, due to me always doing different things. Renders will take a while since I tend to procrastinate a lot, but it usually gets done within a week or so. I really like criticism, but if it’s an insult to my work, please leave or keep to yourself. I really want to know what I can do to improve to make myself a better creator.

Showcase :writing_hand:

Ad work

Game Icons

Game Thumbnails

Group Logos

Profile Pics


Availability :spiral_calendar:

I’m usually available from 2 am - 8 pm PST. Any time of the week I’m free. Of course, if I’m extra busy on a certain day, I will inform you ahead of time and give you a rough estimate of when I’ll be done / back.

Payment :money_with_wings:

I prefer being paid by group funds. Prices are negotiable via DMs. When you pay I prefer you have the money ready than letting me wait.
My prices are usually;

Thumbnails :robux_gold: 350-500
Profile pics :robux_gold: 80-100
Group Logo :robux_gold: 250-400
Ads :robux_gold: 100-250

Connections :incoming_envelope:

You can contact me on discord, this post will be updated (I’ll attempt) every time I change my name. Feel free to contact me ondiscord, Roblox, or via dev forum.

My discord; Zane#8731

Past Usernames if you’re confused about watermarks; Redacted_Sxn, ZaneDibs, EuphoriaRevin.

You can check my ROBLOX profile if you don’t trust.

Notes :spiral_notepad:

Currently closed due to me unable to get my blender rig working. Won’t load or let me import on it.