[CLOSED] zilibobi | Programmer

So I’m transferring my portfolio to my website, cause the portfolio is messed up, you can view it here:

Also important to note you don’t see any gun systems here, but I can also do gun systems. Another note is that the portfolio is a bit outdated, such as the discord bot section.

Old Portfolio


Hello, my name is zilibobi. I’m a programmer with around 8 months of experience in Lua. I can also do small low poly models and UIs.


Custom Proximity Prompt With Xbox and Mobile Support

- YouTube

Mobile and Xbox Shiftlock

- YouTube

Global Leaderboards

- YouTube

Crate Opening System

- YouTube

Edited Roblox's Chat

- YouTube

Random Ban Module

- YouTube

Random Building Game

- YouTube

Random Bomb Tool

- YouTube

UI Tools Plugin (Discontinued)

UI Tools - Roblox

Commissioned Level, XP, Health Bar, Rank System with datastore debugging

You can view place here: Health Bar - Roblox

This system has Leveling system with progress bar, max level, ranks for levels, datastore debugging with error prevention, health bar and discord webhook monitoring.



That’s all for now.

Discord Bot

I have made a discord bot for my server. If you want to test it, check out my server.

Invite Command


Reddit Meme Command

Reaction Roles


Poll Command

Picking random emoji from the server and reacting.


Basic User Info


P.S. I was lazy to add more role syncing, but if the user has a mod role, it will say he has moderator permissions.

Purge Command

after (1st argument is number from 1-99)

Help Command


still didn’t add the commands command lol

Ban Command



Kick Command


Join Message


Also, it’s auto-adding Unverified role on join and counting members


Verify Command

Planning to make the equation harder.

That’s all for now.

Low Poly Models

Some Emojis

Some UIs


My timezone is GMT +3
Mon-Fri 3-7 Hours a day :green_square:
Saturday 1-2 Hours :orange_square:
Sunday :red_square:


Prices are negotiable, small scripts (for UIs, leaderstats, proximity prompt, etc.)

50-400 Robux

Medium scripts (Datastore with error handling and data loss prevention, discord webhook system, game intros with cutscenes, etc.)

400-1000 Robux

Large scripts (200+ lines, game systems like pet system, placement system (never tried saving buildings, but I can try))

1000-10k Robux

Icon (Button, etc.)

100-200 Robux, if scripted +70 Robux

Frame and icon (Button with icon and frame)

300-1000 Robux, if scripted +70 Robux

Something low poly and small (tree, crate, etc.)

50-200 Robux


My discord: zilibobi#8836


If I can’t do the job, that you need me to do, I won’t do it.

I don’t accept real money or percentage as payment.

If you pay trough game pass/shirt, you will need to pay with 30% tax.

I won’t do the entire game’s UIs, model, or script something hard for me.

I am only a temporary developer, I won’t work in your team.

I’m not making discord bots currently.


He does the work quickly and nicely. Would hire him for other jobs.

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hi, the portfolio is still open and I made this reply to put this portfolio on the top of portfolio posts. I don’t want to make a new post, that’s why.