[CLOSED] Zvtu | Modeler // Builder

About Me

Hello, I am Zvtu. I am here to make models for your game at a fairly cheap price. I would rather not do really advanced models. I would way rather have people looking for low poly models so I can have it quicky made. Also, low poly way better suites me.


Game Showcase

Fetching Forest 🌲 [SHOWCASE] - Roblox

Screenshot Of A Small Home & 2 Trees


I am available right now. This post will be closed soon after I get some post.


I am doing 50 robux a model. I am willing to negotiate if that is too much. We can do payment either by group payouts or t-shirt. (If T-Shirt you must cover the fee)


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or Discord! Discord: ZVTU#4897

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hello, I’m interested in you working with me, but do you accept a percentage?

Would you be interested in a project?
RPG game Low-poly
We need help building a 6000x6000 stud map
we have another builder.
You’d be mostly making smaller buildings and terrain work.

Add me on discord if interested Poltergeist#0666

Can you make realistic cars?