[CLOSED][$20 USD / HR - FULL TIME] Cloud Entertainment is Hiring a User Interface Designer


About Us

Cloud Entertainment is a company looking to develop and expand its operations working with professional developers to create games that push the standards for Roblox quality. We actively work with Roblox Developer Relations on advice for branding, marketing, and driving the future of game production on Roblox to a growing, long-lasting, innovative team of creators. We expect cooperation, high-quality communication, and feedback, with individuals looking to turn game development into a career. We have a team of over 50 staff that includes; Translators, Moderators, Game Testers, Programmers, Builders, Animators, and Artist.

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  • Designing Cross-Platform UI for Mobile and Xbox
  • Creating concept art and drafts for designs.
  • Getting feedback on progress regularly with daily check-ins.
  • Communicating in our Design Team Chat
  • Creating designs that create a high-quality user experience.
  • Implementing designs into Roblox Studio from Conception
  • Play Testing multiple devices for UI.


  • Must be 18 Years or older.
  • Can sign a W9 (US) / W9BEN (Outside US)
  • Able to respond and communicate with feedback.
  • Creative interest in innovating designs on a professional level.
  • Experience Designing UI in Roblox.
  • Experience with Mobile, Console, and PC designs.
  • A clear understanding of User Experience Design (UX).
  • Able to put together UI designs in Roblox Studio.

Nice to Have

  • Experience with Photoshop and/or Illustrator
  • Web Design Experience
  • Own Xbox / Tablet for Testing UI
  • Graphic Design Degree or Equivalent.
  • Logo Design Experience
  • Thumbnail Design Experience
  • Understanding of Colour Theory


$20/hourly or Robux Equivalent

Submit Your Application Here: https://forms.clickup.com/f/17hq5-497/6CS98RCTF7IUDTQ2M0



~ Operations Manager of Cloud Entertainment


Apologies if I am wrong but shouldn’t this be $20 rather than $27?

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Yeah sorry, copied the same format from the other job post.

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No worries. I wish the very best for Cloud Entertainment and I hope you find the people you require.

Hello,I’m a Ui Designer,still looking for one?

Yes it’s still open, please use the application form.

I’m a full time builder for Cloud Entertainment and I absolutely love it. If you’re a UI designer and able to do all of the above, apply straight away!

Such a fantastic opportunity to do the job you love at your own pace (but a realistic pace!) and acquire new skills along the way whilst being in a family environment😊


I am a rather good ui designer/coder (not art)

You can check out my portofolio where recently i also include some dynamic user interface coded:

Sorry, we’re only looking for artist for this position.

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Could there be possible an available position for programmers later on maybe?

As of right now we aren’t looking for a UI specific programmer, we are hiring a Programming Lead though. Interviews are ending soon, but you can still apply. It is required that you know Roact and a few other systems.

For anyone wondering about our UI style we need its clean and minimalist.

We also want you to be doing sketchwork drafts similar to this approach:

Keeping us informed and updated with flexibility to make design decisions using prototypes from sketches.

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Don’t you mean clean AND minimalist ?

Also, What is the purpose to only accept Photoshop/Illustrator users ? source files to conserve ?
(considering Roblox charges only .png, i have a hard time guessing another motive)

In Roblox, or someone who has already experienced professional work as a Graphic Designer ?

Woops that was a typo.

It’s just preferable especially for vertex art to make sure it scales if we have to resize the images to optimize them. If you for somehow have a different program that can handle this better where if we need to different size variations it can still scale well that’s fine. You’re still going to export it to a file format roblox can use but expect to do a lot of scaling/optimization with files.

In general practice at least two years, but your portfolio speaks for itself. I should probably change it from being required but no we mean at any capacity.

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Hello future UI Designers of Cloud Entertainment!

I’m one of the company’s 3d artists, and we’ll be working closely together soon as you start, so before you even do I’d just like to say; I’m looking forward to working with you :smile: If you have any questions feel free to contact me through twitter at twitter.com/gold_twisted or through discord at TwistedGoldBricks#9308. Cheers.

P.S. Only contact me for inquiries. Hiring is reserved for @TechSpectrum


Remember if you have an Xbox, you put in the UI yourself, it’s a huge bonus to us to increase your chances!

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