[CLOSED][$27 USD / HR - FULL TIME] Cloud Entertainment is Hiring a Lead Programmer


About Us

Cloud Entertainment is a company looking to develop and expand its operations working with professional developers to create games that push the standards for Roblox quality. We actively work with Roblox Developer Relations on advice for branding, marketing, and driving the future of game production on Roblox to a growing, long-lasting, innovative team of creators. We expect cooperation, high-quality communication, and feedback, with individuals looking to turn game development into a career. We have a team of over 50 staff that includes; Translators, Moderators, Game Testers, Programmers, Builders, Animators, and Artist.

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  • Monitor changes to the codebase through GitHub ensuring coding style standards and framework structure rules are being met.
  • Document changes made to the code through Lucidchart and ClickUp Docs.
  • Assisting the programmers with having help finding resources they need to perform their tasks.
  • Delegating work to the team that can be managed in a release schedule.
  • Design and implement framework systems and rules for best practices.
  • Do performance profiling to ensure that everything is optimized.
  • Using Rojo for Programming and Git for Version Control
  • Tracking and Assigning tasks in ClickUp.


  • Ability to designing systems and frameworks.
  • Able to write in OOP.
  • Experience developing for Xbox and Mobile
  • Deep understanding of Roblox API
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong writing skills
  • Previous history of managing teams.
  • Can sign a W9 (US) / W9BEN (Outside US)
  • Age 18+

Nice to Haves

  • Experienced with Git
  • Experienced with Rojo
  • Experienced with Roact
  • Experienced with Databases (MongoDB, SQL)
  • Experienced with JavaScript/Nodejs
  • Open Source Community Projects
  • Associates or Bachelors in Computer Science
  • Experienced with ClickUp or Jira


$27/hourly or Robux Equivalent

Submit Your Application Here: https://forms.clickup.com/f/17hq5-497/6CS98RCTF7IUDTQ2M0



~ Operations Manager of Cloud Entertainment


Would try out for the job, but sadly, I’m not over 18. :sob:

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I am interested in applying for this job.

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Just to let everyone know – we will be looking through application within the next few days once we’ve had time for more people to apply.

Please make sure you meet ALL REQUIREMENTS before applying.

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I noticed that the compensation is shown as an hourly figure - how are hours tracked, and around how many hours of work is expected weekly? Is this a full time offer?

Hours are track on ClickUp using the websites time tracker, and you can manage your timestamps and review how many hours you done, and on what task.

We would prefer you work at least 40 hours a week, but 30+ is acceptable.

Yes it is full time, this is not a short term contract work.

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I am a rather professional game deisgner/coder and have experience of making/coding games on Roblox for 5+ years now.
I would love to attend on joining to work with your awesome team!
Here is my portofolio for further more information about me and any creations/games ive made so far (since 2011)

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