[CLOSED](40K-50K) Looking for builder to build a decent size map!

Hi there! I’m currently looking to commission someone to build a decent size map, It’s a “Border” style game. I’ll need a border and then a little city behind the border (around 500x500 studs big), the map will contain assets such as houses, cars, tree, etc

I’m looking to pay 40k-50k for this job. Please reply below with your portfolios and discord tag. Add me on Discord, Toot#0001. (You have to leave your Discord below or I won’t add you back.)

Also I’m not looking for anything too detailed.

Down below is an example of what I’ve started (clearly not the best) .

Thank you, toot.




Discord greybirks#1625

Is there a opening for a scripter aswell?

Here is my portfolio

My discord is MarcusSaltus#8595

Hiya, I am interested in this building recruitment. My portfolio is attached below. Many Thanks, Taza.

My discord is TazaTech#3070

Interested, 6dark#4343. Portfolio will be shown.

Sent a friend request at Jurou#4173 see you there!

Yes. @greybirks built for me before and is a wonderful builder! She built most of my previous hotel.
Hiring her is a great choice.
She is a kind caring person, she built countless amount of assets for other people for free as well.
I think if you are looking for a good builder @greybirks should be your choice!
We do although have some past infractions, and still do now. But she sure is an amazing builder!
If you want, you can visit the hotel she built for me: https://www.roblox.com/games/5103843654/FrostLion-Hotel-V1?refPageId=c374e4ec-05e5-4c23-b71f-518ced2d8596

my discord is mads718m#2429 i do not have a portfolio yet but i’m working on it

Hello! I am interested. Here is a link to my portfolio :

You can DM me on Discord if you are interested in me @ Simpxly#8688

@peanutbutterleonpai, I appreciate that thank you. I don’t build free assets anymore so it will cost! If he is interested I recommend visiting my creations tab on roblox @greybirks

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Hello! I’m interested, as I’m making a border game myself, My discord is Lego337337#6327 and here is my portfolio MrEthqn || Builder For Hire there is much more i’ve done, please contact me. Hope i’m chosen, Ethan/Lego

Hello, I am interested, I sent you a friend request on discord, please add me back. Thank you! NB#1313

Hey, I’m interested in doing this job.
Sent a request: 16JAY#7379

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