[CLOSED][80,000 ROBUX] Hiring a UI Designer & Animator!

About Us

Hello. We are an upcoming SCP Foundation group, and we are looking for developers to support us in the production of our game.
The Team
@VlTIATE - Builder and Project Lead
@xehuq - Scripter
@couldbeyou - UI Designer
@couldbeyou - Animator

About The Job

We are looking for a professional UI designer and a professional animator to help us create some assets for the group. All assets must be done in one month. Payment will be split evenly, with whoever that does the best/most amount of work receiving more, but you will at MINIMUM receive 30k (for example, animator gets 30k, UI designer gets the 50k)

As the UI designer, scripting the UI is not required, but preferred. In total, we will need various menus done for the UI designer, such as a radio, inventory, and leaderboard etc. The animator will animate poses, interactions, and usage of items.

A good example of the UI design we are looking for is Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. Of course, we aren’t looking for it to be 3D though, flat on the screen instead.


We are paying in total 80,000 ROBUX. This is split between the UI designer and animator.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum in my messages, or preferably, my Discord here: Travis#0172


What is your UI sytle?

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Hey :wave:
I’m interested in becoming the UI Designer
Here’s my portfolio: [CLOSED] NabeelPlays' Portfolio
My discord: NabeelPlays#0051

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Hello, I am interested in THE WORK OF ANIMATOR. I am very good at doing all kinds of animations. If you want more information, contact me at discord: ronald_YT # 4379

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Tom Clancy’s the Division 2 is a good image to think of it as.

I actually just saw the UI designer job! Can I apply for that one, too? I’ll add you again.

Still looking for a UI designer?
View my portfolio here: [OPEN] [USD Paypal] Jupiterc's UI & 2D Art (SATISFIED OR YOU DON'T PAY)

If my style matches your expectations shoot me a FR on Repentless#7834. Ta.

Hello, I am interested Closed | Zoxian | UI Designer

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