[CLOSED]Derpee_Kirbee, experienced scripter

This service is currently closed. I will update when I have time to do more commissions.

Hello! I’m Derpee_Kirbee, a scripter that has been scripting for 1 year straight. I have recently started making Youtube videos to help other scripters. I am glad to make new relationships and do things for other developers.

I’m working on providing pictures/videos for my work, but here’s what I can do:

Sound Regions (Certain areas of a map play different music)

The music is not supposed to be taken seriously lol. If you have actual music, I can obviously use your music easily. I just don’t want to re-record this, and this shows the point


In this video, I show a “Coins” value saving after a player leaves the game and rejoins

  • UI Interaction

  • Monetization (Gamepasses and Developer Products)

  • User Input Service (looking for key presses)

  • Many other things! Feel free to DM me to see what I can do at @Derpee_Kirbee

And obviously, I can do all the things I’ve scripted on my Youtube Channel.

I check my DMs on the DevForum and Discord usually once a day M-F
I will do short-time projects (singular scripts) or I can work on your team for the same price.

We can talk about any price you want! I will normally depend the price on my estimate of how long it’ll take. It will be the estimated to be 500 Robux per hour.

If the price changes here, you’ll of course have the price we agreed on

I require at least 50% up front to prevent scamming or useless work

This price is negotiable. We can talk about your budget and other things like that.

You can contact me on Discord at Derpee_Kirbee#2154. Please send a DM on the DevForum after sending a friend request on Discord so I know who you are. I’m excited to hear from anyone that is interested.

You should normally be able to just send me a message before adding me on Discord, so try that first. If that’s not the case, you can just add me as normal

Thanks for reading, and hope to hear from you! :slight_smile: