[Closed/Dropped] Looking for a long term Dev team for a rouge like tower defense game

About us

We are Reforged Studios and are looking for scripters to join the team, we are currently preparing to start development on a rogue-like tower defense strategy game called Dungeon Creator the Card Game. We are looking for scripters who are able to work with UIs and other fancy things

About the job

We are however a bit short on money and might need scripters to work on low if any pay outs, however, we’d be willing to offer each of these scripters 20% or more of the game’s total Robux income based on how well the game does and how much they demand their labor, The only reason we need 2 scripters is so we have steady development if either scripter needs to take a break or is busy multitasking with other projects, that way the game hopefully sees fast release. We know about the money issue being a turn down for most and we do feel bad about it, but there is no other way for us to realistically even start development since we lack enough scripters or anyone with enough scripting knowledge.

If you are interested, you may contact us through discord at:

If you are unable to Friend join this discord server:

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