CLOSED[FREE!] Giving Away Free Gfx Art

About Me

Hi there! I am giving away free gfx art. I’m mainly doing this for the experience. I joined Roblox in 2017 but started to work on development last year.


I don’t have much to show off… Here’s some stuff you may want to see.

Some of my work


I don’t have a set time that I work, mainly because I am travelling right now. I should have enough time though. My timezone is pst, but for the moment I’m 1 hour ahead of pst.


Its free!


My discord is DriipPat#6998

Thanks for reading! :smile: :


sure! what type of gfx would you like?

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Im sorry im a bit confused. What do you mean about filling up the char limit?

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It’s because I can’t send a message without making it 30 letters long, so i put that.

ah i see, do you want a gfx of your avatar?

You could do me if you want to practice tho no need to.


can you make me one plz!!!

sure! ill make one for you do you want your character also?

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yes!!! thanks!!!

hey, can you make a gfx for my avatar too

sure! ill just put you in a random pose

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Hello! I have added you on Discord (, I will talk about what I want with you on Discord) It’s also worth mentioning that it is really kind of you to go out your way to do this! Props to you :D.

Thanks! Ive added you on discord

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Its not the best im sorry

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Try me if you want. :coefficients:

Can you make me a GFX with my co owner (JonathanBows) shooting an ak-47 with an explosion in the back?

Sorry guys this is closed for now.

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anybody who came before will get their gfx

thank you so much!!!