[CLOSED]Hiring an experienced programmer

About job : All you need to do is make a system with using python or JavaScript

Requirements :

  • Must have experience more than 1 year
  • Must have experience with Python or JavaScript
  • Must have experience with scripting bots
  • Must have Discord
    *Must be 13+ (16+ is preferred)

Payment :

Payment depends on your work but it will be 70k - 100k from group funds

Contact :
Discord = KavasDev#2919

Notes :

  • We wont pay if you cant do our job done
  • I am not the owner and not the person that will pay. So don’t try to negotiate with me
  • More info will me provided in DMs
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Interested - added on Discord. (adrien#3983)

Send a friend request, excited to hear a bit more about the project! My tag is and#1000.

The job is now closed for now.

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