About Us

Hi there! We are Sabor, mainly a bubble tea cafe that hopes to change the way people experience coffee, bubble tea, macarons, and the endless desserts we have to offer. Our goal is to provide an environment that everyone can cherish, but we also want to make Sabor a place where everyone can be confident with who they are! If you’re here for a simple boba milk tea, or to make some friends at the cafe, Sabor provides something for everyone.
We are currently working on a Homestore that is set to release Friday, August 28th.

The Team
@FizzyColas - Founder
@iiRosie1 and @saullzard - Co-Founder
@HonestIyAmanda @iiAxua_Cait @mickqy @sjsaIba @deniiors - Current clothing designers

You can see our progress so far here:

About The Job

We are looking to hire a few more designers full-time and for a one-time commission to work with us to create new clothing to add to the Homestore. We are looking for a few clothes to add before the release of the homestore, and to continue work with us to refresh our homestore every once-in-a-while.

We are looking for designers that can design both female and/or male clothing. We are looking for any type of clothing such as casual, vintage, formal, etc.

Our homestore has space for 30-40 more outfits/pieces of clothing. We are hoping to fill the majority of our homestore before the release. And at a full-time rate, 1-2 outfits per week.


We will discuss in DMs about your rates. We are willing to pay in Robux via Group Funds. Once you are accepted, you will be able to see our group funds once we rank you in our group, Sabor. Our limit is 200 robux per outfit.

Contact Us

If you are interested, please contact me on Discord with past examples and your pricing: iiRosie1#1468
You must be 13 years or older to apply and must use Discord, since it is a key platform for communication that we prefer using.

Thank you for your time!


Hello! I sent you a fr on discord to speak further about this!

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I don’t have Discord but here is my portfolio and commission website for future reference.


Commission Web.: https://missmae15.carrd.co/

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Sending you a friend request now, I’ve actually done graphics for the group before. :smile:

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Thank you, I will let you know if we would like to accept your offer. Please give us some time :sweat_smile:

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This group is great to work with, highly recommend. Both of the owners have done commissions for me, they are very professional.

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A reminder this is still open, we are still looking for designers that can create clothings (male and female) :slight_smile:

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