[CLOSED]I need A GFX Artist For thumbnails and a Icon for my game

I need a Thumbnail and Icon for my game, I would appreciate if anyone could comment, some GFX artist they know that would be fit for the job.

I have a very high budget so please just send me there portfolio and so I can see there work.

I will only being paying through PayPal, no other forms of payment, so take that into consideration when applying!

I believe this is the wrong place to post, this should go into #collaboration:recruitment


Are you able to provide more details, such as what the game is about and how much you would be willing to pay? Here is my portfolio- [OPEN] PirateCasher - GFX Designer

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Hello! I’m interested in this position, here’s my portfolio. Juno | GFX Artist/Designer

Excited for a chance to be working with you! :wink:

Hi! I am interested. I do expect some kind of pay though. Contact me on the developer forum and this is my portfolio (closed, photshop is broken) Beginner Graphic Designer | 5lyv

I recommend @Lava_Creeper03- She has made GGFX for Bullet Hell, and Daycare 2. She’s very advanced and I recommend her.

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Thank you for recommending me. :slight_smile:

If the original poster still needs art, my portfolio can be found here: [OPEN] Lava's Professional GFX Artist Portfolio (Cycles and Eevee)

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