[CLOSED][LONG-TERM] Advanced programmer looking for a 2D/3D artist partner

About me

Hi, my name is David and I’ve been developing on Roblox for 8-9 months now. Being a programmer prior to this, I’ve made progress quickly, and working mostly alone I’ve learned almost everything there is to learn: Blender, building, animating, GUI, most programming aspects, simple 2D design, advertising etc.

I’ve gone through the whole development process (not always advertising) by myself multiple times, you can see my best works here: BoxBlox Group

Why I’m posting this

If you’re a solo developer you probably know how demotivating that can get. Even though I can manage the whole process alone, programming is my real passion and of all the things I’ve listed it’s what I’m best and quickest at. I would love to be able to focus on it.
In my lookout for another developer I’ve found that most people are either not very ambitious or are difficult to work with.

Who I’m looking for

If you looked at my games and thought “easy” in terms of modeling and building, we might be a good match, though preferably you can draw and do GUI design as well. Anything over that is extra.
Also, I’m looking for someone who sees Roblox as a potential primary source of income, and is either willing or already is devoting themselves to it. I work approximately 8 hours per day, 6 days per week - not saying that you need to be that devoted, but just so you know what I’m talking about, I treat it almost as a day job.

What we would do

For starters either a roleplay or an Islands type game (but simpler, perhaps an Alice Greenfingers copy or something alike). If you’ve done any research or paid attention over the years you know that this is the way to get anywhere. If you know that that’s correct, but have another suggestion which you can back up, or would like to brainstorm together, I’m up for it.
Clean games, and when I say clean I mean squeaky clean: no gore, sexual implications, sorcery, even horrors. No garbage content, though we should stay realistic and not go overboard with effort where it’s not needed. I include simulators in “garbage”.


Negotiable. Frequent communication is a must except when not possible, even if just to say “hey I won’t be able to get anything done today” - but that shouldn’t be something that happens often. We all have lives, things come up sometimes, there should be understanding, but there should also be clear communication in those cases, so the other person knows how to plan out their part.
Trello or no Trello, doesn’t matter much - I never use it but it might come in handy. Voice chat or no voice chat, doesn’t matter much, might be beneficial to do it sometimes. Time-zone doesn’t matter.


We’d split profit, we can start with the assumption of 50/50 but talk about it once the time comes to see if we both agree that something else would be more realistic. I can invest some money (not too much, think 30k Robux ballpark) into ads, badges, uploading audio and outsourcing if absolutely necessary. If you have some too that would be great but it’s by no means a requirement.


DevForum is okay too in case you don’t have a Discord account, but I’d prefer you create one in the long-run.

Obviously prepare something to show, but it doesn’t have to be a formal portfolio, links to games or screenshots are fine too. Feel free to ask me questions as well, I do want a serious atmosphere but that doesn’t mean a formal one :grin:

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