[CLOSED]Looking for a GFX/Game Icon Artist

Looking for a thumbnail for my game!

I’m looking for a nice, high quality game icon for my upcoming game!
It is space themed, and i’d like to include something of the following in the thumbnail:

Thumbnail Ideas

(The spaceship itself)

(A dude on a jetpack with laser guns or some sort)

Or maybe some sort of space battle, I’m not too good with ideas.

I can supply models to be rendered for the thumbnail.


I’m looking to spend 10-50k Robux on a thumbnail. If you charge more, but have very high quality work, I might be able to work something out.


If you’re interested, the best ways of contacting me are through my twitter: @thunder1222RBLX, or through the Dev-forum messaging.


I could do, if it is still available.

Any deadline?

No deadline. Take as long as you need.

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I just realized I put thumbnail instead of game icon. Whoops.

Is this only 3d art or are you open to 2d too?

Both would be fine.

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Inquiring if this is still available! Please reach out @_keystone#2526


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