(CLOSED!)Looking for an Advanced Builder (ASAP)!

Hello Everyone,

I’m looking for an Advanced builder that can build maps! By maps I mean the kind of maps that are found in story games such as Airplane, Camping, Submarine, Train etc.

(I’m making a story game)

I already have a plan on what I’m doing, I scripted one ending so far and currently making more progress every day.

You can see my progress here, you can play along with me. (I will be in the game) https://www.roblox.com/games/4342709131/Project-1

I need a talented builder because I have been working extremely hard on my game and I don’t want to waste all my hard work because I’m not that talented at building. But, I’m extremely talented in scripting.

Now for the payments and the exciting part, When I am finished the game you will get a percentage of the game income depending on how much work you did.

  • I need the map to be completed in at least one week. No pressure, the map just needs to be good!

Trust me I am dedicated to making this game!

Thanks! :wink:

People can’t join the game because of the permission levels.

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Oh I’m so sorry, Thanks! I will configure it right now!

I might be able to help you on this, what’s your discord

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This is my discord below:

Sent a request(I need 30 characters)

Hey, is there something else I can communicate to you with? like Discord.

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