[CLOSED]Looking for decent builder for an mmo

Hello, Im looking for a builder that wants to work on an mmo project. The game is a mix between a space simulator mmo(like elite dangerous or star citizen) mixed with a classic style mmo like runescape or world of warcraft(by that i mean there's also raids and not just missions and pvp). I Have a fair amount done as far as scripting and some building. I just need a motivated builder to help me have an early access version of the game released within the next 5 months or so. The building style is really not to detailed as we need to be efficient because the main server will contain quite a lot of parts. I can explain everything in better detail in discord.

This position would be best suited for someone who loves this genre of game. I said the detail will be minimal but were talking on a much larger scale then most builders on here are use to. We need full space stations that don’t feel empty or completely void of detail. So basically there is a lot of detail(for the normal roblox builder) but at the same time for a game of this size it wouldn’t be considered much detail. We also need planets with a surface to land on and the surface should be filled with ruins and maybe wild life etc…The builds don’t need to be textured you can just use the materials from roblox studio and that will be fine.


I am willing to give the builder 30% of the games revenue which is even more than i will be getting and im doing scripting, ui, and building. Most of the remaining revenue will go into ads


SpaceCitizenDev - scripting, ui, and building 20%
CletDawg - building, marketing 15%
You - building 30%


discord: lil trap#2563
If your interested please send me a friend request on discord or message me on the dev forum.

I would be interested,
But I don’t think I’d fit your building style. Plus, you must remember MMORPG’s are one of the hardest game genre’s on the Roblox platform.

Do you have backup payment in case the game doesn’t do well?

well you can show me some of your builds in discord if you want. Maybe you can adapt to our style of building as it wont be very detailed. The main things we need is space stations and planets with a surface because that’s were players will go to farm npc’s for drops and currency.

I would be willing to give around 50-100 usd if things don’t work out

But that depends on the amount of work you did for us

I have never built this stlye before, and I would like to give it a try, but I don’t know if I would be the best you could find.

Add me on discord lets talk more there

Perhaps I may contact through discord, although I’m actually working on a Space MMO right now too. (lol), once my MMO is out if your still hiring I may consider this.

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I am open here is my portfolio My (PORTFOLIO) I specialize in everything My discord is Developerboi#1682

I added you on discord, BK (too short)

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