(closed)Looking for developers to create a game like piggy, bakon, etc

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I don’t want to sound rude, but maybe try thinking of a different idea. I think that to make a good game you need to try and be original.


I also agree with the reply above.

Yes I agree unless this game could have a real difference to Piggy, bacon etc

I think the user “username” has alot of development work to do. I hope the user can complete the task as they have a heavy burden.


hello sorry if you did not understand I am trying to create a game like HELLO NEIGHBOR and piggy my ideas is different from what you are thinking and sorry if you think that I am being rude my sincere apologies

I’d suggest before you decide to try to make a game at all, get some real funds. Unless you’re a big studio like Stylis Studio (the people who made Phantom Forces) or the team behind Adopt Me! people can’t really trust you. Unless you’ve seen prior success percentages just aren’t gonna cut it, even if you give a person on your development team like 40% of the games total revenue, the game can still flop, and only make like 1000 robux, meaning that player, having to make the entire thing, only receives 400 robux for their work when they should’ve gotten 4000 or 40000.

tl;dr you won’t get the work you want done with percentages, the uncertainty that a game will flop coming from a studio with little to no background is very high, and if there isn’t any backup payment (like being paid a specific amount of robux for your contribution) people aren’t going to want to join on and if they do they may end up not being who you’re looking for exactly.


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