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KillerLB20 - Builder


Greetings, I am KillerLB20

I am an experienced developer specializing in building & game design from Germany. I have been developing on Roblox for over 4 years by now and I am always trying to learn something new when it comes to building.

During my time on the platform, I have worked for several groups and contributed to numerous projects, some of them being smaller ones and some larger, which is how I gathered much experience and learned from my past mistakes. As of the time of writing this, I have contributed to over 10 million visits.

For my building style I always go for a detailed, high poly look, however I am still able to keep it mid poly as per request. I am also quite experienced in Terrain Design.

I am mainly focusing on the SCP or military roleplay genre and tend to work for roleplay based groups but I have also experience in other types of games.

Work Experience

Over my time on Roblox I have worked and contributed to smaller SCPF’s and Military groups but also Asylum themed games such as Foxtrot Asylum Roleplay.


Below are some pictures of my past work.

Please notice that the Showcase section consists only of a few projects I’ve worked on and is still W.I.P. Some pictures may be changed over the time.

Foxtrot Asylum Roleplay

Foxtrot Asylum is the largest, fast-growing Asylum Group on Roblox, I’ve worked for Foxtrot on 3 different experiences, which will be shown down below.

Models made by: Jeynaz, Cyroheide

Foxtrot Asylum V2.4 Revamp (2024):

Foxtrot Asylum V2.3 (2023):

Foxtrot Asylum Bravo Revamp (2022):

Foxtrot Asylum V3 (2021):

Special Containment Procedures Foundation

Air Force Academy

Personal Projects

Below are a few personal projects that were never finished. (2022-2023)

SCP Pandora:

German Air Force (Hangars):

Inside Job Showcase (TV-Series):

Low-Poly Builds

Other Projects


I don’t really have set prices and I’d like to know your budget beforehand so we can negotiate a price. I prefer to be paid in :robux_gold: robux and I accept group payouts. If you are going to pay me through payout, I suggest that you have the funds already, but if you don’t, that’s fine for me.

I normally charge between :robux_gold: 10,000 and :robux_gold: 200,000 for the majority of commissions.


I am at the moment not for hire but you can always contact me via Discord or the Developer Forum.

ROBLOX - KillerLB20 - Roblox
Discord - (not available: commissions closed)
Developer Forum - @KillerLB20

Thank you for reading!


This is a nice portfolio - the building doesn’t take my fancy; however, that’s just my opinion and overall seems like a very hard build to make, and your very talented. One word of advice, when creating a portfolio don’t say “you can hire me soon” most of the time people will not come back to check since they want immediate response, having a developer who takes 5 - 10 days to become available would have to be an instant skip for me.

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Thank you for your feedback, I’ll keep that in mind!

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KillerLB20 is one of the most amazing builders I have ever worked with, he get’s the job done and everything he builds is very detailed.

He has built me a variety of things, from sci-fi to realistic, he has great skill and I wouldn’t choose any other builder to hire if I was given the choice.