[Closed][PayPal] Low Poly Tree Models Needed!

About The Job

I need 5 variants each of the following trees, to be modeled with a limit of 2,500 tris per variant, tree trunks need to be one single object with the canopy being a separate object as well. Use bright playful colors, and no textures. The overall look/style should be lowpoly , similar to POLYGON’s style of assets: POLYGON | Pirate Pack Game Assets | Find the Unity Asset in Store – Synty Store which are simple, low poly and mostly flat shaded models. Meaning you’ll be having to model canopies and not rely on leaf textures. Keep in mind you’re not texturing so your topology doesn’t have to be clean, it just needs to look right w/ the flat-ish shading.

  • Japanese cypress
  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Bald Cypress (Generic Swampland tree)
  • Black Spruce
  • Evergreen Tree

Keep in mind, I’m going to be plastering these over a large map so each variant needs to look different without being unrealistically changed (ie if the tree is mostly straight irl, don’t have it curved suddenly to the left). Upon recieving payment, you are to hand over the models in .FBX and .rbxm or .rbxl file formats.


I’ll be offering you $300 via PayPal for this, which is $10/model, with a hopeful deadline of being done by the 16th and may be willing to extend the deadline depending on how much you have completed by then. Payment will be given upon the completion of the commission.


  • You must have a portfolio that shows you are a 3D modeler with experience in creating environmental assets.
  • You are a citizen of the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, EU, UK, South Korea or Japan.
  • You are 16 years or older.


Post below with your portfolio and Discord ID, I will be contacting the individual I wish to commission. This thread will remain up until I have found someone.

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I’m interested on making them, this is my discord Vukan#3806 Vukangeneral2002 | 3D Modeler [OPEN] - #12 by ILoveGodALOTTTT

I’d be interested! :slight_smile:

Shoot me a DM: TheEldritchDreamerRBX#7515
Portfolio: [TEMP CLOSED] TheEldritchDreamer | 3D / 2D Artist, Translator, and more | Portfolio

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I’m interested, here’s my portfolio with my discord.

My portfolio: Ensynced - 3D MODELER / BUILDER [commissions open]
Discord: kyle.#0999
Twitter: @ensycedRBLX

I’m veeerrrryyy interested, dm me on discord youngdumbandbroke55#8658

Found someone.

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