[Closed]Scripter for hire / 4 Years experience

[Because I can’t change the tittle I’ll write it here: Open for commissions!]

I joined Roblox in 2016 and I started scripting when i was 10. I have always loved scripting and in 2017 i started scripting on Roblox. I now have 5 years of experience in Roblox Lua.

What i can do:

  • Script guns
  • Tween Service
  • Handcuffs with time saver
  • Shops
  • Health System and Food System
  • Weapons
  • Mini Games
  • Leaderstats
  • Gamepass / dev product shops
  • Crate system / chance system
  • Simulator shop, with saves
  • And much more, i just need a challenge.

Here are some vids of my work

Death Traps: Death Traps [Beta] - Roblox

Egg Smash: [🔊Voice Chat] Egg Smash Simulator - Roblox

Get Old And Die: Get Old And Die - Roblox

Game i have worked for:
Zombie Task Force - Roblox


2020 08 14 19 32 20 - YouTube

Top down camera system (Plot building Camera)


Looks a bit off? Go to my youtube video: How to make a top down camera system in Roblox 2021 - YouTube

Cut scene and shop

2020 08 14 19 36 05 - YouTube
2020 08 14 19 51 33 Trim - YouTube


Without time saver: 2020 08 14 19 44 00 - YouTube

With time saver: Handcuff system with time saver - YouTube

Simulator Boost System

The remaining boost times saves when you leave the game :smiley: forgot to show it
How to make a boost system in Roblox 2022 - YouTube

Simulator Shop

Simulator shop from my game:

Idk weird zoom thing

Using “Z”, “X” to zoom in and out, and with the mouse wheel:

Advanced Data Store

When a player dies in another server, the tombs update on all other servers:
(Get Old And Die - Roblox)

Player Control System

Holding mouse over a player, and then holding click will make you control the other player:

Rocket Launcher





I’m available Monday to Friday from 16pm to 20pm and Saturday to Sunday from 11am to 17pm GMT+1 time. I will always try to find time so i can finish the work you gave me.

I will not be able to work if there is an emergency, family is the first priority

  • When I’m done with the work you assigned me, i will show you the work with pictures and in a game, when you are satisfied you will need to pay me, and then i will give you the asset ect…
  • Do not rush me, scripting takes time.
  • I’m not a advanced builder or animator, so you will need to provide for the build or animation.
  • I need criticism.
  • I can decline any request

Prices are negotiable, I currently only accept per asset.

– Hourly payment / Not available

– Full Time (% percentage) / Not available

– 1 asset / 4K-40K Robux or USD $5-100+ the payment is depending on the difficulty.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: Vinttho#6836

Thank you for taking time to read my portfolio, have a nice day/night! :slight_smile:




See you!

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Worked on an asset with this scripter, process went smoothly. Although initial product had its flaws, he was always quick to fix them and communication was simple. Was a pleasure working with you.

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It was also a pleasure to work with you, your critics have been very important for my work. Thank you

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Let me know when you’re open, I’m interested in working with you.

I’m open for commissions again

hello discord name ?

Emir Kartal#4960

My discord username is VintthoGaming#0001

Commissions are now open again. :grin:

My disc user is VintthoGaming#1370

Hello I am looking for a scripter

Here is my discord ROWG_Leader#3822

I cant send your discord link request does not work

Sent you a friend request on discord,

And I’m open for commissions again :grin:

Okay, I here I tried to friend you but it didn’t work.


Oh, sorry here is my Disc: Vinttho#6836

Added you my Discord username is
Tinapay lalaki #2728