[CLOSED]Scripter For Hire!

Hello Everyone! My name is GoddlyGut and I am a scripter on Roblox. I have been scripting for about a year and a half and I enjoy creating games on Roblox. I specifically specialize in FPS games. I enjoy logic and math and I am currently a High school student. Here is a FPS project I am currently working on!

If you need to see any of my other work, please DM me!

I can script all sorts of things all the way from simulators to AI mechanisms.

You can contact me through discord or message me through this post!

Discord Username: GoddlyGut#9837

My payments vary however, I am currently looking for a development group. If I join your development group I am “free” however, as a commission, I tend to charge from 200-10000 robux depending on how big the project/task is. Thank you!



What type of game are you making?

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Hi, my name is shebzy! i need a scripter for my game . i pay robux to devs to! if your long term ill give 10% of game and 500-1k robux! i got a dev team and your welcome to join. accept my friend request on discord, shadyshades000#2177 for more info. Thank you

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