Closing a Studio Application Clears your Clipboard

Reproduction Steps

1. Open two instances of Roblox Studio
2. Copy/Cut an object from one Studio instance
3. Close that Studio instance
4. Open the other instance of Studio that you didn’t close
5. You cannot paste the object you Cut/Copied from the closed Studio instance

Expected Behavior

I expect my clipboard to be saved when crossing objects between Studio instances.

Actual Behavior

My clipboard is lost and I cannot recover any objects I had cut from my closed file.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2015-01-01 00:01:00 (-08:00)


Also, the ‘import animation from Roblox’ feature of the Animation Editor clears your clipboard.

It just straight up clears your entire clipboard. There better be a good reason for that because that’s a pretty intrusive feature

I understand why they did that as I know it’s not a bug.

The reason for it is to try and make it harder to copy and paste things you do not own into another Studio application on another account. Once you log out; all Studio applications close, which clears your clipboard to make sure you cannot copy and paste the things that you copied from another instance.

The downside; you can easily put it into an .rbxl, .rbxm or put code into a .txt file and then transfer it that way. Yeah…

If you own the other instance you are pasting to; I suggest copying and pasting into another open Studio you have open alongside the current Studio you have open. It’s annoying you can’t copy it the other way, but I understand what Roblox was doing.

It does not clear my clipboard, though.

That’s not at all why this is the case, this is either a bug or a technical limitation with the way Roblox Studio / the Roblox client is handling the clipboard. Making program usage worse to ineffectively prevent something that isn’t even a problem simply does not make any sense.

Also, Roblox has had trouble with the clipboard before, e.g. pasting an image into chat in the client would lock up the clipboard until the client was closed because the client was not calling API to close the clipboard so it could be used by other programs, not sure if this has been fixed yet.


I always thought it was intentional due to how frequently it has happened. It has happened to me across multiple devices throughout my entire development lifetime (since 2013). I guess I automatically assumed it was intentional. It doesn’t clear my entire clipboard, but it only clears what I have copied from Studio (either an instance or code). :person_shrugging:

This is extremely frustrating now that you can’t have 2 accounts logged into studio at once. It’s hard to copy over code from place to place

Thanks for the report. I filed a ticket to our internal database.

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Unfortunately this is a limitation of the windowing infrastructure that we use to build RobloxStudio, so there’s no way for us to change this behavior currently.