Cloth textures not appearing in custom character;

This is a custom character named “StarterCharacter” in “StarterPlayer” in game and its not showing the cloth texture.

I am entering the Template ID’s and not the cloth ID’s


My character is the character on the right and the model named “Model” should be how the cloths look


I’m curious as to if this is something as a result of your character and not so much the clothing, could you set up a humanoid description with the shirt and pants template ID’s and use Humanoid:ApplyDescription() to set it and see if that works?

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I have tried it, it still doesnt works

Could you show some screenshots of the character model itself?

I have a slight hunch that this is deeply rooted in the potential faultiness of a character model set-up, though I could be wrong.

If you also wouldn’t mind supplying the asset id’s you are using so I could check that as well.

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Thank you mentioning that;

The Cloths texture appear in workspace but when I put them inside “StarterPlayer” and test in solo they don’t appear.

Shirt =
Pants =

Could you supply a view of the model and all of it’s descendants through the explorer though?

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Sure, the character is a normal R15 model; here is the hierarchy:

I could be completely glossing over something which is a possibility, however I believe this should be reposted under #platform-feedback:studio-bugs

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Yeah, I think this is a bug too. I posted it here for any work-around. I will try to find way to repro it 100% and post it there.

Thank you for helping.