Clothes not loading; players are nude

I’m having some trouble testing in studio.
As you can see, my avatar’s clothes are not loading
In game as well, playing many types of games, the clothes on players do not load.

Some other assets aren’t loading either. Is this an issue on my end or Roblox’s end?


Happening to my friend as well

I’m guessing Roblox’s cdn for assets is either broken or slowed.

Most likely needs to be fixed fast though

Yeah, someone else picked up on this too. It’s happening all over it seems like. All textures in general.

I feel like this happens in a lot of games on ROBLOX. Seems like a typical bug.

This has been happening in every game of mine, where a mesh texture would not load.
In general, this may be all textures, including clothing items.

I think this is an engine bug/website bug, and I would report it in the Platform Feedback section if I could.


Can confirm this is a bug. It has been happening to me as well every once in a while in Roblox Client. Can somebody post this in bug reports? I don’t have the trust level.