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Hi, I recently started making clothing on roblox after a long break, I used to make clothing just for fun because there was no upload fee but I have few concerns

(my group:AuXility - clothes - Roblox)
this is an advertisement I posted, I bid very little amount on it (100 robux) because I just wanted to see if it would even do anything. it doesn’t seem to be very successful though, it has been running for about 12 hours at the time of writing this, and it has 0.20% CTR, and not a single sale, is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? Is it because of the style? I would be happy if someone could give me some feedback on my ad, clothing, group or give me a tip on what I should try doing differently. Thanks
Some more of my clothing:
edit: 2 new people joined the group so I guess it kinda works


I think it really is the style of your clothing. 100 Robux is not much in advertisement terms at all and you have to think that the limited amount of people who see your advert may not like the style of clothing you have up (personally its not my style so if I saw this advert I would not click on it).

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thank you for the feedback, I’m not really planning on changing the style much, I probably wouldn’t enjoy making clothing that I would not wear, and I’ve seen many groups with a lot of members and style very similiar to mine, so I think there are people who like it, they’re just difficult to find. But you’re probably right with that being the reason for the low ctr.

I am not saying you should change the clothing style I am just saying you need to understand that other people may not like the style who see the ad so that is why they may not buy your clothing. I am sure there are people out there who likes the clothing I am just saying with the number of people you will get with 100 Robux advert these people may either have no Robux or not like the same style.

I understand that, maybe I didn’t make that clear enough

I dont run ads for sales anymore because it’s too risky that your ad will reach your target audience sadly…

Maybe try doing something more with the background of your ad, Like ad a boarder around it
or decorate the back some more!

Usually when I run 1k anything about 0.60% is rlly gud

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thanks for the tip, what you said makes me think that it’s probably better for me to try gaining popularity some other way than with ads.

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Look and see if u can be featured in malls or homestore/clothing stores ^3^


You should spend 10k Robux if you want sales and make another ad

The clothing style in the ad isn’t iconic enough, people will say, well he makes clothes, but I can’t describe what kind.

That’s the issue!

Try to put the same kind of clothing :wink:

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Oh, great idea, thanks for the tip

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well I don’t have enough for that, thanks though

great idea, I’ll try to do that, thanks

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