Clothing Advertising - How much to advertise?

Hello. As a member that’s willing to start a clothing community, I would like to ask some questions before getting started that will surely help me out.

First of all, do I advertise the group or the best-selling clothing in the group. If I am to advertise this type of clothes, is 200 - 500 robux an appropriate price and if so, how many robux should I price it. (I have already experimented an ad once that got 90 clicks with 150 robux bid into it). I decided to make the ad look better as that might help. However, if you have any advice you can give me that can even make the clothing go on the catalog front page, that would be helpful.


From my experience, I would solely advertise your best clothing in the group. Many times when a group is advertised, visitors will not check the store page. Linking the ad directly to what you want to sell will ensure profit.

As for how much you should spend, 350-450R$ would be good (assuming you are selling the shirt/pants for 10R$ each).

The best way to the top of the catalog (or the catalog front page as you call it) would to get a lot of sales off the ads. After this is done, the clothing will appear in the “relevance” catagory, and people will buy it there.


Good information there! Did you ever try it though and did you profit by doing this?

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I’ve seen it used many times over the years, and I have run ads on games with a similar method.

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Alright, I’ll try it out, thank you!

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