Clothing asset I created and uploaded to the group I own didn't go into my account, it is prompting me to purchase it

Made 2 clothing asset’s and uploaded them to my group. I paid the upload fee for both items, why did I not get them for free?

also I have uploaded stuff to my group before and it gave it to me as it should. Is this a new change or bug?

Normally when you upload clothes, objects associated with games such as gamepasses and more to your group, they are not given to you automatically, you have to buy them yourself. This is something you will always see when you upload items to your Roblox Group :grin:

Weird, This is the first time I wasn’t given clothes I made in my group. No big deal tho, just wondering.

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It’s weird that it’s your first time that he doesn’t give it to you, when that has already been incorporated for years :thinking:

yeah no clue lol, last shirt I uploaded to my group a month ago was given to me free xd

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