Clothing creation

I know when you create a place you can change whether it was made by yourself or a group, is it possible to do that with clothing?

It’s possible. If you have the desire to upload a piece of clothing to a group, head over to the “Create” page, click on the “Group Creations” tab, select the “Shirts”, “T-Shirts” or “Pants” button, choose the group you want the clothing to be present on and upload it like one normally would.

You’re just suggesting reuploading.

I don’t understand what your asking. How can you change the weather of clothing?

Hi! Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to change whether clothing is made by yourself or a group. If it’s uploaded under a group, it will state it was created by you (as long as you uploaded it yourself).

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Sorry, I assumed the clothing hadn’t already been uploaded and you wanted to change the upload location.

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